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Ghost of Tsushima’s co-op mode won’t be playable on Steam Deck

Valve’s handheld users will only have access to the single-player experience.

Ghost of Tsushima’s long-awaited PC port launches tomorrow, much to the joy of players—at least those who live in countries with access to the PlayStation Network. As it turns out, the whole issue with linking accounts resulted in yet another setback, this time for Steam Deck users.

You won’t be able to play Ghost of Tsushima’s co-op mode on Steam Deck

Aside from the “main dish,” i.e., the single-player campaign, Sucker Punch’s samurai game includes a Legends co-op multiplayer mode. If you were thinking about playing it on your Deck, prepare for a dash of cold water.

In short, it won’t be possible due to the requirement of having PlayStation Network access. While Steam Deck users should be able to play Ghost of Tsushima’s campaign and Iki Island expansion without any issues, they’ll have to use their PCs to access the co-op mode.

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Does the lack of Ghost of Tsushima co-op support on Steam Deck concern you? Do you intend to play the game on Valve’s handheld? Let us know in the comments!

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