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Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud, a sequel to the popular gacha game, is set to launch in Korean markets later this year

Developer HaoPlay is expected to launch the sequel to the incredibly popular strategy gacha game Girls Frontline in Korean markets soon. While nothing is confirmed, there has been a heavy bout of rumours that Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud will release by the early second half of this year for Korean audiences. The title has already launched for Chinese players but is currently unavailable in other regions.

The sequel will deal with events prior to the first game’s story. Neural Cloud will be set in a cloud network space of the virtual reality world that has been destroyed by an accident occurring three years prior. The Neural Cloud incident sets up the world of Girls Frontline, causing an apocalypse that fills the world with chaos, dolls, and exiled groups of individuals.

Neural Cloud itself combined rogue-like, otherwise known as a randomly generated structure based around making multiple runs/attempts at an objective, and the popular auto-battle formula that has blown up in recent years. Using high-level strategy, players will place dolls, the game world’s characters, on the frontlines and use them to battle a large variety of opponents. Building up your team, you’ll slowly upgrade all of your units and unlock new ones to achieve your goals.

Neural Cloud seems to be borrowing a lot from Arknights, a strong gacha competitor and has developed itself into somewhat of a tower defense game judging by the preview videos and screenshots. This means that strategic placement of units within the various stages will be key to success, and it will almost assuredly involve a gacha mechanic as well.

Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud does not have a confirmed release date, but is expected to launch in Korean markets first sometime around the beginning of the latter half of this year. Given the game is already out in China, it’s a safe bet it will launch more globally over the course of the next year or so. To stay updated, you can keep an eye on the games’ TapTap page, where you can also download the game for free if you’re located in China.

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