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Glory Hunters launches Kickstarter campaign for the unique action adventure RPG on Game Boy

Indie game developer César Arminio has announced the Kickstarter campaign on April 10th for Glory Hunters on Game Boy, an upcoming action-adventure RPG crafted with his design studio 2think. In partnership with publishers Bitmap Soft, 2think aims to find funding for the physical release of the game, letting players experience the title’s unique twist in that you’ll have to obtain achievements to progress through the game.

In Glory Hunters, players are tasked with earning as many glory points as they can as the main in-game currency. True to the game’s title, players will have to hunt for these glorious deeds by accepting quests from the townspeople, gathering valuable materials or exploring dungeons to take down foes in equally glorious combat.

These glory points, in turn, can be used to craft specific experiences in the game, making each playthrough a personal journey. Players have the freedom to pick which zones they want to venture into and which mini-games to take part in, encountering different enemies and hilarious characters along the way.

If you’re curious about the title and you want to experience the nonlinear gameplay for yourself, you can give the free demo a go on to get a taste of the first chapter of the game. There are more than a thousand achievements to aim for, along with 20+ hours of gameplay.

You can also join the community of followers over on the official Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments, support the game on Kickstarter to get first dibs on exclusive goodies, or have a look at the embedded trailer above to get a feel of the game.

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