God of War: Ragnarok Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Guide

Svartalfheim’s Aurvangar Wetlands is the first area you’ll enter after finishing the God of War: Ragnarok‘s tutorial and going through your first Mystic Gateway. There are nine collectibles to find here, though you can only collect seven of them your first time here. Two require you beat the game first before returning. 

Here are the collectibles you can expect to find:

  • x1 Odin’s Raven
  • x2 Artifacts
  • x2 Nornir Chests
  • x1 Lore Marker
  • x1 Legendary Chest
  • x1 Hel Tear (post-game)
  • x1 Remnants of Asgard (post-game)

Svartalfheim: Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Locations

Odin’s Raven

At the beginning of the level, out of the Mystic Gateway. Go straight ahead, then turn left when the path forks to see the Raven perched up on a cliff. Pickin this up starts the Eyes of Odin Favor.

Artifact – Things Left Behind Hreidmar’s Brassard

Get in the canoe after the Raven, and go straight ahead. Stay left past the tower with the cogs, and follow the waterway left past a camp on the right. Dock at the beach by the wheel blocking the way. Go straight, and use the Leviathan Axe to freeze the small geyser. Cross over, and turn right to freeze another geyser by the cliff. Climb up the cliff, and interact with the body near the top.

Nornir Chest 1

  • Reward: Idunn Apple (Health Increase)

Continue left from the body, and look below at the edge of the cliff to see the Chest below. One rune is directly to your right at the base of the tree, another is below to the right of the chest, and another is on the rocks in the water behind the chest.

Hel Tear

You’ll have to return for this collectible after the story. From the boat dock by the large wheel in the water, go straight, freeze the small geyser, and jump over the gap. Climb the scaffolding in front of you, and take the zipline down from the top. It will be at the bottom.

Nornir Chest 2

  • Reward: Horn of Blood Mead (Rage Increase)

After turning the wheel and then moving the wall blocking the path a little further along, get back in the continue and follow the waterway past structures on the left and a rock archway in the water on the right. Stay hard left after the archway to find another platform to go under in the rocks by a camp. Dock the canoe, and you’ll see the Nornir Chest to the right under a cog and neat a hanging bucket.

For this Chest, you’ll need to solve seal puzzles as in God of War 2018. Memorize the rune shapes, then throw the Leviathan Axe at the turnstiles with gold circles on them until the correct rune appears. If done correctly, the runes on the Nornir Chest will darken, eventually opening the chest.

  • Seal 1 (Rune 1): Behind the geyser to the right of the chest. Hit the left side once, which will darken the left-most rune on the chest.
  • Seal 2 (Rune 3): Go through the archway in the rock to the left of the Chest. Turn right once through it, and look up to see the turnstile. Turn this one to the “B” symbol (the opening to see the symbol is on the left side).
  • Seal 3 (Rune 2): Exit that area, go right, and climb up the wooden platform on the cliff. Turn right, and look up. Turn this one to the “N” symbol.

Remnants of Asgard

This is another collectible that requires you to complete the story. It will be in the same area as Seal 2 turnstile for the second Nornir Chest.

Legendary Chest

  • Reward: Deadly Obsidian Handles

Climb back up onto the cliff where you found the Seal 3 turnstile for the second Nornir Chest, and turn left to the back of the area. The chest is on a wooden platform at the edge of the cliff by a tent.

Lore Marker (Unsafe Roads)

Facing Seal 3 for the second Nornir Chest, go left and drop down to a ledge with a small camp. The Lore Marker is on the left side, near the tent. 

Artifact (Kvasirs’ Poems – The Sunrise of Nothingness)

Get back in the canoe, and continue to the next gate blocking the waterway. Dock, and you’ll eventually drop a large block onto a geyser to power a wheel. Freeze the geyser under the wheel to take the block up. The collectible is on the table next to the red chest.

Those are all of the collectibles for Svartalfheim’s Aurvangar Wetlands area. Next stop: Nidavellir. 

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