God of War: Ragnarok — Pilgrim’s Landing Collectibles Guide

Pilgrim’s Landing is one of the smallest sub-regions in God of War: Ragnarok. Located in Vanaheim, it’s composed of a small beach and a stone fortress in the middle of the River Delta area, and you’ll likely come here during the Freya’s Missing Peace Favor after visiting Freyr’s Camp. There are four collectibles in this location.

Here’s are the collectibles you can expect to find: 

  • x1 Berserker Gravestone
  • x1 Favor (Cure for the Dead)
  • x1 Lore Marker
  • x1 Legendary Chest

Vanaheim: Pilgrim’s Landing Collectibles Locations

Berserker Gravestone

This Berserker Gravestone is unmissable in the middle of the beach, but you’ll have to come back for it later if this is your first time here.

Favor: Cure for the Dead

  • Reward: Svartalfheim’s Fortune Amulet Enchantment

Speak to the spirit by the cliffs behind the Gravestone. You’ll need to enter the stone building in the water to get what she needs. Track the Favor, and the locations will be marked on your map.

Lore Marker (Dead on Arrival)

Use the stone ledge on the eastern side of the beach (overlooking the stone building in the water), and knock down the bridge. Cross over, and turn left. Defeat the enemies, and interact with the Lore Marker on the left side of the area before the second bridge.

Legendary Chest

  • Reward: Grip of the Fallen Alchemist

Grab the Lore Marker, and knock down the second bridge. The Legendary Chest will be directly in front of you. You can also get the River Delta Odin’s Raven by looking through the opening to the left of the Chest.

Quick and easy, those are all the collectibles and Favors at Pilgrim’s PAssage in Vanaheim. There’s a lot more to cover in God of War: Ragnarok, and you can find more tips, walkthroughs, and locations guides right over here

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