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Goddess of Victory: Nikke puts Syuen in the line of fire for April Fool’s

The Liar’s End event tasks you with trying to get the Ark’s most annoying idol obliterated

  • It’s April Fools and that means fake announcements and goofs
  • But Goddess of Victory: Nikke is one of many games taking an opportunity to introduce a new event
  • Recruit Missilis CEO Syuen, and put her in the line of fire in “Liar’s End”

With April Fool’s Day, while we’ve seen many phoney announcements some games are actually taking the next step by making wacky and crazy ideas real! One of these is hit third-person shooter Goddess of Victory: Nikke, with a new April Fool’s event named “Liar’s End” letting you throw the aggravating CEO of Missilis, Syuen, into the fray.

The Liar’s End event offers a host of new missions and story content centring around April Fool’s Day. Outside the game, the official Nikke social media also announced a fake ‘sequel’ game called Dead Spicy, parodying many other third-person shooters and survival-horror games.

But the main draw here is, of course, the addition of Syuen, a character loved and hated in equal measure for her arrogance, condescension and generally obstructive nature. Fortunately, after her having taken advantage of the other Nikkes for so long, this event lets you plop her into the line of fire with predictably panicked results.

To pull or not to pull

While Liar’s End does run for at least three days, you may want to hold off on grinding to get Syuen…if you were really intending to, for whatever reason. This is because – given previous events – you’re unlikely to be able to play her once the event has concluded. When another character, Shifty, became available to play during last year’s April Fool’s event, she was locked for play after.

So if you’re already grinding, then go ahead. But don’t go into this event expecting to have a brand new Nikke to throw at your enemies. At least not after the end of April 4th. Still, with Syuen boasting some bogus normal stats, albeit with a pretty impressive burst skill, it may not be that big of a loss.

Want to see what else is coming for April Fool’s? Well, Pokemon Go is debuting a one-day limited-time event where all your ‘nice’ and better throws now count as ‘excellent’, alongside some limited-time research tasks. Meanwhile, if you want to get ahead, why not check out our comprehensive tier list of all available characters in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?


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