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Grounded Estimated Switch File Size Revealed

This month sees the arrival of another Xbox title on the Nintendo Switch. This time it’s the small but big co-op survival crafting game Grounded.

As huge as the backyard is in this game, it seems it won’t take up much space if you’re planning on picking up the digital version. According to the eShop and Nintendo’s official webpage listings, the title will require just 3GB of space. On Xbox Series X, the file size is around 10GB.

If you pre-order Grounded, you’ll also get a discount taking the title from the regular price of $39.99 / £34.99 to just $31.99 / £27.99.

Limited Run Games will also be offering physical versions of the title including standard and collector’s editions. The catch with the hard copies of the game is there’s a bit of wait – with the standard estimated to ship in July and the collector’s to follow in December.

Alongside the release of Grounded on the Nintendo Switch, developer Obsidian will also be rolling out the final major update for the game. It will come with New Game+, new ant types, new mutations, weapon variants and much more.

Image: Obsidian, Xbox

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