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GrubDash Driver lets you deliver food and enhance your neighborhood in 16-bit, out now on iOS and Steam

EF Universe Games LLC has announced the official launch of GrubDash Driver: Food Delivery Driver Simulator. Featuring 16-bit graphics and music by Scarlet Moon’s Peter Jones, the delivery sim lets players upgrade their homes, boost their delivery rep, earn money and rise above the unemployment catastrophes of the year 2020.

GrubDash Driver features six different restaurants you’ll have to pick up food from, as well as seven stats you can upgrade to boost your delivery prowess. You can increase your strength to accommodate bigger orders, find better customers with more efficient orders, improve your dexterity and speed, enhance your charisma for more tips and so on.

You can also upgrade your humble home and prettify your surroundings by buying vacant lots, swapping out trash with sprawling lawns and even building businesses to restore your own neighborhood’s former glory. The game features more than 60 milestones you can achieve in life as well as 24 vehicles to collect.

During the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, I spent a lot of time delivering food through various food delivery services,” says EF Universe Games developer Elaine E. “I found the whole experience to be strangely compelling and even a little bit addicting, so I decided to make a game about it. I’ve completed around 2,500 deliveries between both platforms. I’d like to think I found a decent balance between a realistic delivery driver experience and a game that’s fun to play.”

Writing this soundtrack was an absolute joyride,” says composer Peter Jones. “I further added to my studio toys with a Roland SC-88VL for the good ol’ General MIDI sounds of yore. It was further fun putting a little sugar on three of the tracks, remixing them into house, lofi, and rock in the heart of Quake II/RWBY. It was a great excuse to make my first lofi tune in particular. From start to finish, this gold nugget of silliness was so fun to work on. Being on the same page with the dev team is a synergizing dream come true!”

If you’re keen on experiencing the title for yourself, you can download GrubDash Driver on the iOS App Store or on Steam. You can also visit the official website for more info.

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