GTA 5 AI mod lets you use voice chat to converse, arrest, and extort the NPCs of Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5’s world is expansive, detailed, and filled with chatty NPCs. But frankly, they aren’t chatty enough. It’s simply not sufficient for the denizens of Los Santos to loose trite one-liners at me as I dash past or careen into them in a 4×4, I want to have a conversation with them. I want to know what makes them tick. I want to get hands-on with their soul.

Anyway, there’s a new mod called Sentient Streets (via VGC) that doesn’t really do any of that, but it will let you conduct rambling conversations with cops, cultists, and criminals with the assistance of “30+ AI models”. It uses the Inworld AI Character Engine—the same tech that powers that not terribly fitting Stardew Valley AI mod we covered last month—and voices from ElevenLabs to build a mod that attempts an Evel Knievel-style motocross jump across the uncanny valley.

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