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GTA 6 Delay Isn’t Actually Happening, We Don’t Think

I guess those rumors are wrong.

There have been many rumors the past week going round about GTA 6 and whether or not the game will be delayed and miss its 2025 release date. Recently there was a report made from the gaming journalism website Kotaku stating that GTA 6 could be delayed and that the senior team was even concerned it could miss its launch window.

Now a separate report from Insider Gaming states that they asked around to some sources that are close within the game’s development only to find out the game is “on schedule” to be released within the timeframe Rockstar gave in their first trailer.

With all that being said, it seemed a little off for GTA 6 to be delayed with such a far out release date anyways, all the way in 2025. While some believe it might be the first few months into the year, it could also very well be much later in it as well. As of right now, there hasn’t even any official indication that the game is delayed or will be delayed. However, if Rockstar were to come across a problem with the game or its development, they could very well have to delay the game, but it just seems unlikely at this point.

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This was definitely a way to really get fans and also social media platforms throwing their hands up thinking about this possible game being delayed that has been work on for so many years.

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