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Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 5. GTA 6 release date


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24 days ago

A few people are confused about this "delay" so in case you didn't watch the video, I'll repeat it here to clarify.

Take-Two just publicly confirmed that they have moved the release window from FY25 (before March 2025) back to Fall 2025. I showed this in the video. That is an internal delay.

Yes, Rockstar did just say 2025 to cover all of their bases in case this happened, which is smart. However, the publisher publicly confirmed that they were previously planning on releasing in Q1 of 2025. Therefore, this is a minor delay.

Hope that clears it up, cheers.

24 days ago

if its official why u the one who posted that and not them?

24 days ago

Wow what a shocker 🙄 they'll be about 2 more delays after the first. Count on it

24 days ago

I rather it be a complete perfect launch than a buggy ass game

24 days ago

Y did u speak tgg!!!

24 days ago

November 2025.. basically 2026 im getting old hurry up

24 days ago

Well anyways it will be released on PC in 2026.

24 days ago

Is dropping September 2025, GTA games always come out on Septembers

24 days ago

Mfs really pushed it to my grade 12 year💔💔💔

24 days ago

They say late 2025, I say early 2026 then

24 days ago


24 days ago

Guys, Lucia is gonna be there when it drops, Ladies, Jason will still be there to be your "night" in shining armor when it drops..

24 days ago

They don't delay it, they take the time to make it up to the expectation.
After the release of Cyberpunk 2077, which was fixed after 3 years, I don't care about delays anymore.

24 days ago

Let’s go!!,

24 days ago

Jeez they definitely ain't winning any speed awards……

24 days ago

So after all the delays hopefully it's will be by April 2026. Garbage. If this is true I'm the first to call this time frame.

24 days ago

So I’m in Australia and gta 6 is supposed to coming out in “Fall 2025 which should be sometime between march , April and may correct if I’m wrong 👍🏻

24 days ago

atleast 8 months to late release, people are tired of waiting this will cost them sells.

24 days ago

As long as we get it in 2025 I don’t mind

24 days ago

This is EXACTLY when I thought it would release, I felt early 2025 was a little too early, especially given the rampaging effects COVID has had on not just the video-game industry, but almost all other industries in recent years. Plus, Rockstar has only just brought all those employees back into the offices in an attempt to ramp up production, whether or not it will actually do so is yet to be seen, those employees were doing great from home from what we’ve heard.
It makes sense that Rockstar want to release it in that September and October range again, right before Call of Duty and Battlefield, as well as all the other franchises that can even dream of just barely distracting gamers from the big boy that is GTA.
There’s always so little releasing in those months of the year they’ll have practically absolutely no competition, just the way they like it.