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Rockstar announces a time and date for the Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal, Unreal Engine 5 continues to impress, new game trailers and more in a week full of gaming news.

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Most realistic in-game forest (via MAWI United)

Some extra

Bethesda responds to Starfield reviews

Xbox on…everything?

update to this story (phil spencer denies)

Witcher 4 begins,twitter

New Tribes?

Batman Arkham Switch (Dec 1st)

Game Pass updates

Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay showcase

Cyberpunk documentary



Fallout series coming April 2024


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1 month ago

Sponsored by Vessi. 👟 Big ups to Vessi for keeping our feet dry! Check out for 15% off your first order! Free shipping to CA, US, AUS, NZ, JP, TW, KR, SGP.

1 month ago

I can't believe that
Is it not false?

1 month ago

Kcd always, and a bit of cyberpunk and hogwarts legacy. But mostly kcd!!

1 month ago

Bethesda has always responded to reviews it’s weird but they do it they did it for fo4 fo76 Evan Skyrim special edition and recent games Evan that vampire game I forgot the name they did it to they have always responded to negative reviews esspicaly 76

1 month ago

11 days late, but I did peel my eyes

1 month ago

hope they add the details like from RDR2

1 month ago

final fantasy 4 .

1 month ago

Not "fauna", Flora*.

1 month ago

Me and my 1650 crying in corner

1 month ago

It’s far from looking that realistic 😂😂😂 have you seen the trailer 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

1 month ago

How good can it be? Releasing on PS5 first, Weak APU. Dont know what the hype is about..

1 month ago

Been playing Spiderman for the first time. Even-though it is extremely repetitive I still haven’t gotten bored of it. 82% complete. Can’t wait to jump into miles morales after this and 2 when it gets to steam

1 month ago


1 month ago

Everybody talks like they like in night city now lmao

1 month ago

Gta 6 trailer was whack af.

1 month ago

2025… when the ps5 pro is out and the new Series X and they are much stronger and the older systems can’t run this game 60FPS…

1 month ago

I don't believe

1 month ago

Announcement for an announcement immediately makes me feel icky. Plus the pricing bullshit, I think I've outgrown AAA games. This is no shade to anyone still excited about gta6. I hope it's everything fans want it to be.

1 month ago

The graphics look amazing. But everything else looks like ghetto and trailer park trash. And for a change it doesn't look like a parody or that it's making fun of it….. It actually looks like it's endorsing this nonsense. All the rumors were true.

1 month ago

⚙️ValtBoy symbol is to measure if you're safe distance away from the blast by comparing the mushroom to your thumb👍🏼

1 month ago

Well I have series X but if game pass is in everything and they stop making physical version of games there is no point of owning Xbox anymore, I will just get ps5 get game pass every few month's for 1€ finish game I want and leave it for another few months and start playing games from 3rd parties on ps5 , it sad to see Xbox going this way about gamers who stay loyal to the brand whole having other system like me Switch OLED PS4 one elite and one X , if this is real I'm done with Xbox

1 month ago

I'm late!! But I been playing more Elden Ring this past weekend. I keep getting further and further almost completing it it's been addicting 😅 definitely one of my all time favorite games. The world, characters, atmosphere, it's too good

1 month ago

Come on gameranx. Trailer is out. Where’s the new video?!

1 month ago

Bro this shit ain't no video game tf 💀

1 month ago

Okay, i hate videos that show case what next gen games are gonna look like and then they never do! Where are these so called unreal engine now?! Remnant 2? That still looks like a ps3 can run it. Lords of the Fallen? Thats big time Ps3 looking game If ive ever seen one

1 month ago

Why no coverage on assassin creed nexus?

1 month ago

Crytech did a tech demo just as realistic as this year's ago.

1 month ago

If the stool breaks on camera, you have to post it

1 month ago

I wish that Nintendo would make the switch from trying to push consoles out and just make their games for Xbox or PS. Mario available on another console would be glorious.

1 month ago

Imagine Sons of The Forest in this graphic of a setting, the horror would be unmatched!

1 month ago

I don't imagine GTA6 will be released until they see a significant drop in revenue from the GTA5 cash cows/whales.

1 month ago

Dec5th WWZ The Valley of the Zeke is releasing. Since 2019 that game has been getting constant love, I some how always go back and play.

1 month ago

Man, an to just think that GTA 6’s Rage 9 engine is going to be better and more detailed than UE5 😳

1 month ago


1 month ago

I'm excited for gta vi, especially if it's going back to vice city. that being said, I rarher hope they ditch the multiple protagonists and just give us one main character to play as…

1 month ago

Well…when life gives you LUMENS😊

1 month ago

I still want to know where you got this shirt 😢

1 month ago

Clickbait headline, no gta6 trailer yet. bad biased news. Gamelinked from now on for me