Half-Life 2 is being remastered, but not by Valve

Half-Life 2 is being remastered by the group behind 2015’s extensive Half Life 2: Update mod, in a project that will apparently put their previous work “to shame” and appears to have the blessing of Valve itself. A SteamDB listing calls this new project the Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection and includes the staff note that “this is a mod from Filip Victor, not Valve related” just in case we were all getting a bit too excited.

That’s being unfair, of course, because it’s often been left to the communities to apply some spit-and-polish to Valve’s older titles, and it’s not like we haven’t been here with Half-Life before: Black Mesa, a fan-made ground-up remake of the original game, is excellent, took over a decade to reach its final form, didn’t involve Valve much at all, and now stands as definitely the best way to experience that game.

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