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A video game called Halo was first released back in 2001, but a new installment in the franchise is set to hit stores later this year. Fans are beyond excited as they have been obsessed with these games for as long as they can remember. Many have even had tattoos permanently inked into their skin because of their extreme passion.

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This list has compiled a bunch of these tattoos that showcase the game in an artistic fashion on a person’s body. It might even inspire other fans to go out and have their own piece of Halo art inked onto their skin. Keep reading to see some of the tattoos that even Master Chief would approve!

10 Master Chief With An Ode To Cortana

This tattoo focuses on Master Chief, but other gamers will notice the subtle nod to Cortana that was added into its design. The blue background speaks to the markings on her skin, but the combination of colors used for this tattoo is incredible. The tattoo artist who created this piece is Alex Rodway and his ability to shade and blend is what makes this piece truly exceptional.

9 A Cracked Helmet

Master Chief ends up with a cracked helmet and this tattoo is nostalgic of that moment. It takes it to a new level as it adds a level of artistry that shows even more pieces cracking off of its base design. Johnny Carrara is the creator of this design and it is one that other fans will probably want to have inked on their skin in the near future.

8 Watercolors Are Unique

A combination of watercolor techniques and simple illustration brought this tattoo of Master Chief and Cortana into the world. It is simpler than many others on this list, but it doesn’t mean it is any less amazing in terms of its design. Oracle Tattoo created this piece that many love because of the

7 Blocks Of Color

Fans love this tattoo because of the way the tattoo artist utilized blocks of color in the design. It gives it a coherent look and allowed the artist to utilize broader shading techniques to make it pop off their body.

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The addition of the energy sword behind Master Chief was a nice touch that fans wish they had inked on their own bodies. Jeffrey Wortham is the artist behind this piece and his incredible skill is what took this tattoo to the next level.

6 A Different Take On Master Chief

The way the artist designed Master Chief’s face mask is what sets this tattoo apart from those with similar designs. The honeycombs give it the impression it needed with minimal shading and the various blocks beside his body only added to the flawlessness of the design. Justin at The Randy Goat is the artist behind this creation and it has players daydreaming of their favorite Halo game once again.

5 Cortana Is A Fan Favorite

Cortana is a piece of artificial intelligence that fans grew to love before she exited the games in a field of corrupted data. This fan decided to have this tattoo inked on their body in her memory and it is nothing short of incredible.

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The closeup of her face combined with the addition of the fireballs flying around her is what drew fans to it in the first place. This piece was created by Norton Hollows and the design is something that other fans will play off of when they go to request their own tattoos.

4 A Realistic Master Chief

This gamer decided to go big when he decided to dedicate his forearm to a tattoo of Master Chief. Many fans can relate as he was their favorite character and they love how it was done in a more realistic fashion. Victor Zetall is the artist who created this piece that reignites the passion of Halo players all over the world.

3 A Full Sleeve Dedicated To The Game

Some fans decided on a small tattoo, but this person decided to have their entire arm inked in honor of this amazing franchise. They have Cortana and Master Chief all intermixed into their monochromatic tattoo, but it manages to flow together as one. Delmer Tattoos created this piece that has fans drooling as they wish they had the courage to put this much Halo on one part of their body.

2 A Love For Master Chief

This fan loves Master Chief so much that they decided to have a tattoo inked on their body in his honor. It serves as a nice little tribute as it combines his weapon and helmet into a classy design. The tattoo artist who created this piece is Kristina Ho and her work has inspired others to consider having similar ink put onto their bodies.

1 Epic With Full Color

Tattoos come in many shapes and forms, but this one wanted to capture the essence of the game as a whole. It features Master Chief and it is surrounded by fighting and ships that made up a large part of this series. The entire thing is truly incredible, especially in terms of the layout of colors, and it was created by Roman at Holy Trinity Tattoos.

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