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Halo, Call of Duty support studio Certain Affinity confirms it’s laying off 25 employees

Certain Affinity – the renowned Texas-based support studio most recently reported to be working on a Halo battle royale project for Microsoft – has announced a round of layoffs, which will see 25 employees lose their jobs.

CEO Max Hoberman confirmed the layoffs – which equate to around 10 percent of Certain Affinity’s approximately 250 employees – in a lengthy post on the studio’s website, explaining the cuts predominantly impact members of its business operations team. Those affected will receive severance pay and benefits continuation, as well as “vested awards under our Stock Equity Plan portable so they may benefit from the company’s success in the future”.

Hoberman added the decision to cut jobs – said to be the first time Certain Affinity has laid off workers in its 17+ year history – was a result of “multiple factors”. “Most significant,” he explained, “is an industry-wide slow down in the funding of new lead and co-development projects and the reluctance of third party investors to fund games or game companies. This has made it exceptionally difficult to sign new work or secure other forms of funding.”

“We have built an amazing culture where we all come together to support one another in times of need,” Hoberman continued. “We ask for your understanding and patience while we navigate this unprecedented event. Thank you.”

Certain Affinity has worked on multiple major franchises since its founding in 2006, supporting development on the likes of the Halo series, Call of Duty, and Doom 2016. Earlier this year, it was reported Microsoft had pulled the plug on a Halo-themed battle royale project in development at the studio, while last August brought the news it was working on an original first-person shooter codenaed Project Loro.

Today’s layoffs are just the latest in a massive wave of job cuts across the games industry, believed to have resulted in more than 15,000 people losing their jobs over the past 18 months.’s Chris Dring recently took a closer look at the layoffs for Eurogamer, sharing a detailed explainer of what exactly is going on.

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