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After consecutive months of having no professional sporting events, at this point, sports fans will take all that they can get. Thankfully, video game publisher, NACON, and indie developer, Eko Software, are here with a brand new game to combat our sporting woes.

Handball 21 – a handball simulation game – will be making its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this November. To celebrate the news, a teaser trailer was released showcasing the competitive handball gameplay that players can expect once it launches.

Interestingly enough, Handball 21 isn’t the first title to feature the sport that has over 27 million sports federation members worldwide, and actually comes four years after the release of Handball 17.

Handball 21 will feature the game modes of solo, multiplayer, local, and online, while also introducing a brand-new League Mode which will allow players to take on the role of one of the 1,600 handball players available in the game and manage their team. Handball 21 will also include “the four major European leagues,” along with some of the second division leagues, all in the hopes of creating a faithful and realistic simulation experience for players.

Based on the teaser trailer, Handball 21 not only looks like fun, it also looks great graphically.

Professional sporting events might return to some sort of normalcy this fall, but even if that is the case, Handball 21 looks to be like a fun, new type of sports gaming experience.

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