Heads up, your first Naraka: Bladepoint match will be a bot match

Some of the early Steam reviews for new battle royale game Naraka: Bladepoint complain that all of the other players are bots. It sounds like an exaggeration, but they’re not wrong—assuming they’ve only played one match. Your first game of Naraka will definitely be against an army of AI muppets, and that’s even if you queue up with a party of other humans. For whatever reason, Naraka doesn’t communicate this to new players, some of whom reasonably assume that their first match is the typical experience in the game.

It’s not. In my second game of Naraka, I fought real players, although I still encountered some bots. It seemed like it was around 50/50 players and bots, but it’s hard to say. The third and fourth games I played seemed to be all or almost all humans. (It’s possible there were a small number of bots who got killed early while treadmilling against a tree or rock. The bots are very bad at magical martial arts.)

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