Hearthstone’s next expansion has a Priest card that straight up kills opponents on the spot

Regular readers will be aware of my contempt for Hearthstone’s Priest class. As far as I’m concerned, the degenerates who choose to main it, those players who actively seek out marathon matches in which they steal all their opponents’ cards and generally make everyone’s life more miserable, are the very same kids who pulled the legs off spiders at school. With that out of the way: check out this crazy new Priest card.

Purified Shard is a legendary spell that costs 10 Mana and reads: “Destroy the enemy hero.” That’s it. No ifs or buts. Unless they have a Counterspell in play, it’s just GG WP. But before everyone (except the aforementioned Priest sickos) collectively uninstalls, there is a caveat, and it’s a major one. You don’t actually put Purified Shard in your deck: It’s a reward from completing one of the new Questlines in the United in Stormwind expansion, which releases on 3 August. 

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