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Helldivers 2 Cloaked Ships Seemingly Fuel New Faction Rumors as Fresh Update Arrives

If you’ve been seeing Helldivers 2 cloaked ships hovering menacingly in the sky during one of your missions, you’re not alone, as several other players are also reporting this phenomenon.

Over on the official Helldivers 2 subreddit, user infinity__cube reports seeing “cloaked massive ships over Automaton worlds”, with users Firestorm_361 and Spartas72 seemingly corroborating infinity__cube’s account.

The cloaked ships these players are seeing seem much larger than Super Destroyers, the ships given to players in order to wage the perpetual war Helldivers 2‘s world demands, which suggests that they’re something entirely new.

What in the name of democracy is that? Screenshot courtesy of infinity__cube.

This isn’t the first time ships like this have been spotted in Helldivers 2, either. A few days ago, Reddit user Gn0meKr also posted a screenshot of what looks like one of the cloaked ships in question.

It’s tempting to see this phenomenon as a potential April Fools’ joke on the part of Arrowhead Game Studios, but the fact that a ship was apparently spotted a week or so before April Fools’ Day suggests that this isn’t the case.

What’s more, these sightings could fuel ongoing speculation about a third faction being added to the game sometime soon. This faction would presumably be the technologically advanced Illuminate, which appeared in the first Helldivers and which is known for using cloaking tech and stealth.

Of course, no official announcement has been made by Arrowhead, but this would arguably be the perfect way to stealthily introduce a faction known for using sneaky tactics.

Players fighting a boss that belongs to the Illuminate faction, which might be behind the Helldivers 2 cloaked ship rumors, in the original Helldivers
The original Helldivers featured a faction for which mysterious cloaked ships would be the perfect introduction.

Until we’ve got something more solid from Arrowhead, we’ll just have to continue speculating about what these cloaked ships could mean for Helldivers 2 (assuming, of course, that they’re not a bug or an April Fools’ gag).

If you’re in the mood for a more concrete piece of Helldivers 2 news, you’ll be pleased to know a new update also landed today, bringing plenty of balance changes and other much-needed improvements.

New planetary hazards have been added in the form of blizzards and sandstorms, and to help you keep growing so you can continue to serve Super Earth, the level cap has been raised from 50 to 150.

You’ll also find tons of balance changes in the update, chief among which is the fact that you can no longer stun the Bile Titan. Better find another way to take it down. You can read this update’s full patch notes here.

Helldivers 2 is available right now for PC and PlayStation 5. You can read our very own Dan’s review of the game here.

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