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Helldivers 2 PC patch takes aim at server capacity and progression issues

Developer Arrowhead has released a new patch for its PC version of Helldivers 2.

With this update in play, users should be able to get into games a little more easily. In addition, this patch addresses some progression issues, with the developer stating it has now “fixed the daily and difficulty progression error”.

Arrowhead said many of the issues in Helldivers 2 were being caused by a large number of users in the game and server capacity. Writing on Steam, the developer said this cocktail had created “unexpected behaviours”.

Helldivers 2 – Report for Duty Trailer | PS5 & PC GamesWatch on YouTube

You can read the full PC patch notes for Helldivers 2 below:

Server Capacity and log in access

  • We have eased the authentication request overall.
  • We have improved error message visibility and added a countdown timer to clearly show when a new attempt will be made.

Progression and mission reward not being granted

  • We fixed the daily and difficulty progression error
  • Based on the testing we have done we believe we have fixed future mission rewards but will continue to monitor this closely as it is our top priority
  • To compensate for lost rewards, we are working on an increased reward event

“Thanks for being awesome and supporting our devs and remember, as we say in my country…. LibertĂ©, FraternitĂ©, ÉgalitĂ©,” Arrowhead’s Alex Bolle closed.

Our Chris Tapsell has just shared his thoughts on Helldivers 2, calling the game “a breath of fresh air”.

“Helldivers 2 is a blast; a messy, frenetic, straight-into-the-action whirlwind of quickfire jokes quickplay matches (when they’re working). If you played even the slightest bit of the first Helldivers, though, none of this should come as a surprise,” Chris wrote in Eurogamer’s Helldivers 2 feature, before concluding:

“If video games are looking for answers right now, this one might be a good place to start.”

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