Hello Neighbor 2: How to Solve the Toy Race Car Puzzle in Act 1

Once you make it to the second story of Peterson’s house in Hello Neighbor 2 Act 1, you’ll find two puzzles to solve: the photo frame puzzle and the toy car puzzle. It’s obvious that a nearby switch handle operates the remote control car, but it’s unclear how that lever actually works. You’ll need to do a bit more exploring to get the necessary battery. 

Where to Find the Battery for the Remote Control Car

Leave the room with the toy car, and go into the room at the end of the hall. Inside, you’ll see a chair and desk in front of you, with a lamp just to the right. Inspect the small, rectangular green box underneath the lamp for a switch handle.

Pick it up, and place the switch handle on the switch to the left of the bookcase to your left. Flip the switch to move the bookcase and reveal a hidden room.

Go inside, equip the scissors, and cut the spiderwebs covering the green device on the table on the left side. Remove the battery from the green device, and return to the race car control stick in the other bedroom.

Toy Race Car Puzzle Solution

Insert the battery, and interact with the control stick. The toy car will go under the bed and stop. Interact with the control stick again, and the car will reverse from under the bed with the third key on top of it. Use this to unlock the bottom lock on the basement door.

And that’s that for the remote control car puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2 Act 1. With another Day 1 puzzle solved, you’re that much closer to opening the barred basement door and finding the dark secrets that still lurk inside Peterson’s house. If you need help with the dollhouse, we’ve got a guide for that right here

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