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here are 10 deals under $10 to grab last minute!

Time’s ticking. So let’s get picking.

We hope you’re enjoying our coverage of this year’s Steam Summer Sale so far? If you’ve taken even a passing interest, you’ll know that this edition is absolutely crammed to the rafters with great deals.

Among the articles brought you so far, we’ve taken a look at titles to keep you entertained on the go, with the best Steam Deck Verified games on sale; shone a spotlight on hidden gems that could otherwise fly under the radar; and given indie games some well-deserved love.

Today, as a final send-off, we’re bringing you a selection of 10 games under $10 available to grab last minute before the Steam Summer Sale ends, with a focus on some of the more obscure and delightful…

The Steam Summer Sale 2024 ends at 17:00 UTC on July 11 — time’s ticking, so make sure to get those deals in your basket sharpish!

10 games under $10 to buy before Steam’s Summer Sale ends

Minami Lane

Set on a single Japanese-inspired street, Minami Lane is the epitome of a wholesome, cozy game, offering short 2-4 hours of playthrough and plenty of replayability.

You’ll be given a cute, hand-drawn canvas to play with, starting out by building homes for villagers to move into, before adding lots of lovely stores for them to visit.

Choose from places like ramen spots, bookstores, and florists, with more unlocked as you play. Keep an eye on your villagers’ happiness and respond in kind, with light inventory management and pricing tweaks making all the difference. Don’t worry, the residents will be more than happy to offer advice to help you make positive decisions.

This game’s objectives are practically stress free, but if you’d prefer to do away with them entirely, you can opt instead for the sandbox mode, which lets you focus squarely on enjoying creativity and relaxation.

End: -25%Historical low

The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart follows the journey of two runaways exploring an interconnected world filled with nostalgia, mystery, puzzles, and perilous beasts!

There are woods, caves, coastlines, and ancient shrines to stumble across; magical crystals, electrical components, and scrap pieces to collect for assembling structures, items, and upgrades; and quirky creatures to meet and recruit to help you battle monsters, rebuild broken paths, collect valuable loot, and solve tricky challenges along the way.

And whatever happens, beware of the dark — there are dangers lurking in the dark!

Crop Rotation

We’ve all been there: you’ve taken out a massive loan to buy an automated farm. And now you need to pay it.

That’s the premise behind the super simple and highly engrossing Crop Rotation, a game where you’ll draw cards, grow crops, complete farming contracts and, eventually, hopefully, earn enough money to get the bank off your back!

There are rare crops to find, randomization to help or hinder, and synergies to discover, which’ll turn your automated farm into an unstoppable harvesting monster!

End: -20%Historical low

Kingdom Eighties

The small town of Monarch has come under threat from an evil that’s lied dormant for centuries. And it’s now up to you and your team of three companions to save the day.

Utilize your unique skills, recruit others to build defenses, and unlock vital tools and gear to take on the Greed when they venture out of the shadows!

Kingdom Eighties is a spin-off to the award-winning side-scrolling series from which it takes its name. Previous entries have been set way back in the past, with Eighties introducing a nostalgia-fueled experience set to the synth-pop soundtrack that defined the ’80s.


In the colorful world of Stacklands, you’ll use cards in your deck to build a village, feed your villagers, and fend off nefarious creatures like goblins, bears, and rats.

Not happy with your hand? You can also sell off cards to earn coins that can be put towards buying card packs (they don’t cost real money), which contain multiple cards you can use to carry on expanding your village.

There are 13 packs to collect, each with a different focus, such as: cooking, building, or farming — and 200 cards in total. At the end of every ‘Moon’ you’ll need enough food for your villagers, so play strategically or it could spell disaster!

Sky Haven Tycoon – Airport Simulator

Airports can be frustrating places to visit. From delays or cancellations, to anxious waits in baggage reclaim. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and Sky Haven Tycoon gives you chance to prove it.

More than just planning and managing routes (though that’s in the game), you’ll design your own airfield, place landing strips and control towers, terminals and gates, roads, amenities… basically everything you can imagine an airport might need!

What will you focus on? Earning cash through cargo routes? Domestic or international passengers? Prioritize lucrative charter flights or regularly scheduled departures?

There’s even a mode that’ll take you through the early days of flight all the way to the modern day, requiring research and development to improve your tech and facilities as demands change along the way.


Thronefall is for people who want a hint of strategic flavor to their games, not the entire spice rack.

The developers were keen to remove what they considered “unnecessary complexity” found in other titles, to create a stripped-back take on the classic base-defense game.

There’s still plenty of healthy combat and settlement-building to be found here, though, with a need to find the right balance to tactics to successfully keep attackers at bay.

Do you need more archers, thicker walls or an additional mill? Will you deploy the longbows or take a more direct approach and charge your horses into them?

Whatever approach you choose, the aim is to make it through ’til dawn…

Intergalactic Fishing

At the center of Intergalactic Fishing lies a mystery to be solved: why are all the fish in your local dying?

So, as you can imagine, you’re tasked with venturing out into the universe to find answers. You’ll catch fish (obviously), gather data, complete quests, upgrade gear, compete in online tournaments, and meet other anglers and scientists who’ll help you get to the bottom of this cosmic conundrum.

Both the lakes and fish stock are procedurally generated, with the fish behaving differently based on their species, size, habits, lure preferences, time of day, and their surroundings.

Intergalactic Fishing appear simple, but there’s a surprising amount of depth to be found as you angle your way around space.

End: -75%Historical low

Within A Dead City

There’s a fortune to be found Within a Dead City, but running an adventurer’s guild is never straightforward.

You’ll need to handle monster attacks, appease angry gods, and guide your heroes from rookie status into champions.

There’s an equilibrium to be struck on your quest for riches. Fearless (and foolish?) adventurers will enter the dead city — for a price. But there return is by no means guaranteed, with foes lying in wait within dangerous lairs and deities guarding their temples.

And, all the while, you’ll need to keep back enough resources to ensure the security of your own outpost. Research ancient technologies, cast powerful spells, and survive the city’s ruins to land the sort of wealth that would make a demigod blush!

End: -25%Historical low

Under The Yoke

Under the Yoke is a medieval life-sim on an epic scale, set within Norman-era England.

You’ll start by creating a character and beginning life as a laborer, with only an acre of land, a rickety cottage, and just enough supplies to make it through winter.

From there, you’ll need to start a family and carefully guide them through the Middle Ages, one generation to the next, looking after everything from their livelihoods to their friendship circles.

Each new character carries with them different personalities, needs, and skills that will define both who they are and the wider societal relationships they enjoy (or endure).

From 1085-1335, this epic 250-year familial legacy is yours to create, through struggle, romance, friendships, rivalries, feuds, intrigue, religion, politics, and much more besides. How will your decisions shape their history?

End: -25%Historical low

And that concludes or list of 10 deals under $10 to pick up last minute before the Steam Summer Sale ends tomorrow (July11) at 17:00 UTC!

Hopefully you’ve found a few pleasant surprises here. If you’re going to buy any of the games mentioned above, let us know in the comments. And if you’ve any personal recommendations to make, feel free to drop us — and other users — a message there too!

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