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Here’s how Horizon Zero Dawn would look as a PS1 classic

What if Horizon Zero Dawn were made for the original PlayStation?

That’s a question answered by YouTube creator ZeoNyph, who’s produced a short video of a demake done using Blender software.

It’s a fun video homage, with all the hallmarks of a PS1 game.

There’s that classic Sony logo intro, the blurry 320×240 resolution, and crackly sound effects.

And then there’s the gameplay, clearly inspired by Tomb Raider. We see Aloy running through the wilds, climbing up a ledge, and then swiftly dying against a machine.

Even that death is classic PS1, as the screen fades to black and Aloy collapses to the ground, just like Lara Croft.

As for Sony’s latest, Horizon Forbidden West is a graphical showcase according to Digital Foundry.

Sony has been frequently updating the game, though the shimmering visuals remain.

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