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Hitman 3 July roadmap includes the new Ambrose Island map

Developer IO Interactive has unveiled its July roadmap for Year 2 of Hitman 3, and it promises to bring a substantial new feature to the game. This feature will come in the form of a new location called Ambrose Island, which actually serves as the game’s first post-launch area. After more than a year of continuous post-launch updates, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Hitman 3 only received a new map now. But, considering the sheer amount of detail crammed into Hitman’s maps, it only makes sense that the developers would take their time with this one. Those who already own Hitman 3 will receive the Ambrose Island map for free on July 26.

According to IO Interactive’s official website, this hidden tropical island houses a fearsome pirate syndicate that conducts its operations in the Andaman Sea. Additionally, the island contains many secrets to discover, but these have little to do with Agent 47’s main goal, which is to “help an old friend rectify his mistake.” Of course, with a new location comes a whole host of extra challenges, rewards, and targets to dispatch. Players can have their first look at one of these new targets in the trailer below.


Anything else?

Once Ambrose Island comes out, players will also receive a new patch titled Game Update 3.120 that will “feature some community reported issues and some QoL improvements.” IO Interactive will reveal the official patch notes for this update on July 26.

Although the July roadmap features plenty more content where that came from, fans of Hitman 3 will definitely view the Ambrose Island map as the most significant addition. IO Interactive will share more information on this map as the release date approaches, so those who want to learn more can stay tuned to that. Otherwise, players can enjoy all the other new content that will come to the game between now and July 26.

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