Hogwarts Legacy: All Common Room Locations

In the Harry Potter universe Hogwarts is a massive school, and that holds true in Hogwarts Legacy. Navigating the many corridors, courtyards, towers and spiraling staircases can leave players wondering: how do I find the house common room? Below we have all the common room locations for Hogwarts Legacy

After the Sorting Ceremony cut scenes end, Professor Weasley will lead you to the entrance area for your house. She will impart the password instructions to your character, who will then carries them out, opening the common room door for the first time in the game. Once you enter this initial time you will have automatic entrance when you return to the area. 

All Common Room Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Gryffindor Common Room Location

A warm and inviting space for students of Gryffindor awaits players behind the portrait of the Fat lady at the end of the South Wing in the Faculty Tower. Once unlocked the portrait will swing open and players can head inside. This is the easiest of the common rooms to locate. 

Slytherin Common Room Location

The dungeon common room is one of the harder ones to locate as it is hidden behind a plain appearing wall. Head down to the dungeons under the lower grand staircase until you reach a room that is seemingly empty. Slytherin students will see a snake statue that will slither up the wall when the password is first given, revealing the common room passage behind it.

Ravenclaw Common Room Location

The star studded Ravenclaw common room is aptly placed at the top of Ravenclaw Tower. One of the three tallest towers in Hogwarts, you will need to climb the grand staircase and head west until you find a blue colored corridor and staircase. At the top of this staircase is a bronze raven knocker adorned door. Give the knocking password and the entrance will appear for Ravenclaw students.

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Hufflepuff Common Room Location

A baked goods filled common room for Hufflepuffs is hidden in the Hogwarts basement. Specifically the Hufflepuff basement underneath the Great Hall. The correct area has the cookbook of Helga Hufflepuff on the display in the stairwell, wine casks lined against the wall, and a giant cask on the left side. Knocking the password will reveal the entrance in the giant cask. 

Can You Visit the Other Common Rooms?

Unfortunately, unlike the books, there is no way to learn the secret knock or password nor is there a Polyjuice Potion to drink for enter another house’s common room. If you want to see each common room yourself you would have to make four separate saved games, one for each house. You can, at least, access the spaces where the doors are hidden.

While the field guide helps you not get lost on quests, if you want to scope out all the common room locations in Hogwarts Legacy, these directions are the best way to go. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at our other guides on the game.

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