Hogwarts Legacy: Eye Chests Guide

Roaming the world of Hogwarts Legacy and feel like you have eyes on you? It is probably an eye chest, referred to in the game as Disillusionment Chests. Ornately gilded with a moving eye that watches your every movement, there is a certain trick to getting eye chests open.

How to Open Disillusionment Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two methods to opening eye chests. The key to these chests is to not be seen, which is impossible to avoid with an ever moving, giant eyeball on the lid. The first method is to use the Disillusionment Spell on yourself and sneak up on the chest. The second is to utilize an Invisibility Potion. Going invisible renders the eye’s defenses null, giving you access to the chest’s contents.

How to Get the Disillusionment Spell

The Disillusionment Spell can be obtained during the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” quest, while the potion can be crafted in the Room of Requirement or purchased at J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade for 800 Gold Galleons.

Each chest rewards 500 Gold Galleons, so casting the spell is the most cost efficient way to open the chests.

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Disillusionment Chests are scattered throughout the Hogwarts Legacy world, including Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade. Opening the eye chests can lead to the player have a large amount of gold Galleons at their disposal. Go invisible and rake in that money!

With that, now you know how to open eye chests (Disillusionment Chests, to be proper) in Hogwarts Legacy. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other guides on the game such as how to fix getting a black screen.

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