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Homeworld 3 | Overview Trailer

Homeworld 3 Launches May 13th 2024.
Pre-order the Fleet Command Edition and Play 72 Hours Early on May 10.

The mission is treacherous, but we must succeed. Arm yourself with knowledge and learn the basics of what it takes to command your own fleet. The 3D Sci-Fi RTS, Homeworld 3, launches May 13th.


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1 month ago

OK, Gearbox, who in the hell wrote this terrible, horrific story???…

1 month ago

Rest in Peace, tortured mayhem

1 month ago

Absolutely disappointed. Whats with the trailer telling us that hyperspace is weaponized, but you can't even use hyperspace in the game. The controls are not great. The maps are, annoying. The build menu is not cool. It's actually less of a game than the previous titles how did make a new homeworld game and it literally has no new features, literally none. And then you ask 60 for the game, Absolutely garbage.

1 month ago

Game needs to be recalled & remade… embarrassing story so out of character for Homeworld.

1 month ago

The official launch trailer was more exciting than the games story. Homeworld 2 was the story ending for the fan base, and homeworld 3 isn't canon. Just let this franchise die for how much homeworld 3 was a disappointment.

1 month ago

is this game imported from your phone?

1 month ago

Is this startups 2.0? Genuine question !

1 month ago

Good game. But not for €60

1 month ago

Sad I couldn’t get in early access but happy my collectors edition is coming in tomorrow!!! Thank you for bring back this IP

1 month ago

Campaign was an MCU movie, great start, bad 3rd act. Too bad we didnt go Progenitor hunting. Atm the story is the weakest point of the game. No idea who approved most of the dialogues in 3rd act, super cringe. On to the different modes I go.

1 month ago

Gearbox putting in work lately! Actually thanks!

1 month ago

Upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 in the future?
Game looks and sounds already incredible, i hope the gameplay and mod support are up to the predecessors!
Complex mod with HW2 was the best experience in any Space RTS.

1 month ago

Lol, just finished the campaign for the first time. I was pretty great ?

1 month ago

This looks great for ps4….

1 month ago

Is it important to play Deserts of Kharak before playing this? I only played HW and HW2.

1 month ago

русский язык будет ?

1 month ago

Okay you’re explaining what you’ve been able to do in the old games all along… But hey the modern camera is new. A bit disappointing that you didn’t have the courage to completely try something new, as you did with the very first game…

1 month ago

Homeworld is a gorgeous piece of art! A cult classic

1 month ago

So many good things….. but then. Denuvo.

Yeah I can't support that. Sorry. I'll probly check this out one day, but not while it has Denuvo.

1 month ago


1 month ago

The ending part to the main trailer where you have a woman saying she is the fleet commander made me laugh. As if in the future they would be stupid enough to put a woman in charge of war cause they aren't built like men to think outside the box. More mental illness from Western developers!

1 month ago

Oh, this will be great. I can’t wait.

1 month ago

I'm not into RTS games but I love the Homeworld series and happy to have a new one in the trilogy to play.

1 month ago

No love for console? ?

1 month ago

Feels bland, like not enough ships

1 month ago

Re-think Denuvo.

1 month ago

This looks like a dramatic departure from homeworld one and two, I don’t really like the large ship that you have to drive around inside of. Reviews will dictate whether or not i buy this game.

1 month ago

I absolutely loved Homeworld 1&2 I'm terrible at them but they are gorgeous looking games

1 month ago

Incarnate Mothership is big.

1 month ago

This looks awesome. I really enjoyed the first two, and the game they did in the Desert. I'd grab this in a heart beat.