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Honkai Gets DARK – Robin Trailer Reaction – Honkai Star Rail

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23 days ago

Do you think this is Honkai's darkest trailer yet?! Subscribe here and Follow me on

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23 days ago

If you played Honkai Starrail you would become the ultimate lore master. There is so much that i miss and you catch. The amount of detail you notice and how spot on you are is actually incredible.

I just found your channel today with the review for the Rondo and Acheron cinematic and was blown away by your breakdowns. You should really give the game a shot !

23 days ago

Spoiler warning:

I guess the whole trailer is somewhat a metaphor for her's and her brother's (Sunday) chosen path/aeons. In the beginning, it made it look like that they both share the same (Harmony Path/ Aeon: Xipe). But it turns out that Sunday follows a fallen one (Order Path/ Aeon: Ena) which is something that Robin's path engulfed before due to Order being a subsect or inferior path within Harmony (just a speculation tho since nobody actually knows what happened). At the end of the story, she managed to reclaim her brother. That's her rising up I guess, cause she's the first one to know the fallacy her brother is trying to facade onto their territory Penacony. She's being tied down to be protected as claimed by her brother, and she knows it, but she understands the nuances and she defied it.

23 days ago

Honkai gets dark? Honkai has always been dark, my dude

23 days ago

react to white night please

23 days ago

Oh shoot, i didn't know that travelers from genshin are down bad for robin. I didn't bother slowing down on the part with the fan messages

23 days ago

The levels of detail in this trailer are insane. All the notes displayed during it match the song exactly. Also mixed into the music there's actually an SOS Morse code hidden underneath.

The story of Penacony deals a lot with several different levels of a Dreamscape and this trailer captures that perfectly.

23 days ago

There's a hidden morse code message in Robin's trailer! Around 1:47 (in her trailer video), you will hear a very subtle beeping noise right after she sings woah-uh-oa-oh. The beeping noise, when translated into the alphabet, forms S.O.S.

23 days ago

Robin's Myriad Celestia Trailer definitely brings more understanding to her lore and who she is as a character, while it's more subtle in this trailer, which is more like a music video for one of her songs. This is the song she sings when you use her ultimate in game.

23 days ago

Please man, react to Arknights 3d PV animations! Suggest reacting to lone trail event 3d pv

23 days ago

3:56 😂

23 days ago

They also showed easter eggs from the other mihoyo games in the comments part of the video. They are up for like 2 frames each..
*Traveler: Traveler here to assist!!!* (genshin)
*Captain: Robin! I'm your fannnnnnn!!!* (honkai 3rd)
The profile pictures are also Ai Hyperion from HI3 and Aether from Genshin.

23 days ago

To go a little into Penacony lore (spoilers for people who haven't played the recent quest!) –

it's essentially a dream world which is being manipulated (unbeknownst to her) by her brother, with his goal being to create a 'paradise' within the dream separate from reality which doesn't contain any potential sources of stress, so the only thing people are really capable of feeling is happiness. If you're familiar with it in philosophy, he's basically trying to make Nozick's experience machine.

Ironically, Robin's intent is also to relieve people of their troubles and help them find happiness through her music, yet the perfect world her brother tries to create literally ruins her voice and makes her incapable of doing so, and he also keeps her on Penacony to avoid her from going to dangerous places to help people (as she once got herself shot doing so). In this sense, I think her constant happy expression in the trailer, while it could be an act for the cameras, could also be because the trailer takes place within the dreamscape, so there's no reason for her to feel anything other than happiness anyway. The dark cutaways to me imply her subconscious feeling of being trapped or that something isn't quite right, much more fleeting than her usual happy expression throughout the trailer, but there nonetheless.

That said, in both the birdcage and the scene with her on the floor, a feather falls to her, which is a reference to one of her songs named after a poem by Emily Dickinson 'Hope is the thing with feathers'. The poem it references has a ton to do with the story on Penacony and particularly Robin (the source of hope that Dickinson speaks about in the poem is literally a bird that continues to sing no matter what hardships you face, which is basically Robin's character to a T, even relating to her gameplay where she will happily sing the song in the trailer while your whole team dies lol). Robin is probably one of hoyo's most intricately written characters so far and this trailer was just an awesome representation of that.

23 days ago

Story spoiler:

I would say the sinister side of the story you mentioned (e.g. the people fading away, bnw background while Robin is colorful) is referencing to the story quest. Robin's brother, Sunday, believes that he needs to "trap" people in rigid rules (i.e. a cage) to ensure that everyone is happy (why that is, there is a long explanation related to his past experiences). Robin, on the other hand, doesn't agree with this philosophy. Robin believes that even if people fail to achieve their dreams, it's the dreams themselves that push people forward in hopes of a better future, something that you can't do if you're in a cage. The bnw background and people becoming the "dolls"/"statues" refer to a "perfect" rigidity that conforms to Sunday's philosophy. The colorful background with joy but uncertainty conforms to Robin's philosophy. They both only want happiness for the people, but their philosophies on how to attain that are different.

The cage thing is also a reference to a shared past experience of Sunday and Robin, where they tried to treat a wounded bird in a cage before letting it go to fly. Sunday was convinced the bird would die because it was not experienced in the wild having been in a cage its whole life, and this turned out to be true. The bird crashed down because it wasn't used to the wind turmoils in the air. This affected Sunday's judgement on how to save the weak (i.e. trapping them in a safe cage). Robin, after having experienced this, still believed that birds should fly even if they can't. This started the dissonance between their philosophies.

23 days ago

Robin has simultaneously clearly been a central character throughout this clusterf__k of a plot (I don't really mean that as profanity, but a classification – there appears intentional in-universe effort to overlay as many otherwise unrelated events as possible so they'll all coincide) and almost entirely off-camera with doubt raised about even her actual appearances. This trailer is trying to not reveal while revealing, which very neatly fits in with the pop genre. (It's unclear what else she's done, though there are hints.)

It's worth nothing that Robin's career had several phases: at its start on Penacony her success and security were guaranteed but she would have had essentially no freedom or scope. While leaving to become a galactic pop star was limiting in more familiar ways it offered both renewed purpose (she did not choose singing for either money or fame directly) and surcease from the cultural demands of a homeworld where individualism just doesn't work well.

23 days ago

as some of the other comments have explained, Robin is a famous idol/popstar known across the cosmos in HSR! think like Taylor Swift but on a galactic level lol

her trailer is pretty interesting imo bc aside from the one overtly creepy scene where she’s trapped in the bird cage, it’s shot in a way that reads as a normal music video that any pop artist might put out!

i like that the trailer can also be interpreted through a different lens that really shows just how invasive media can be towards the lives of famous people like Robin! constantly being followed by paparazzi, having obsessive fans, every facet of your life being controlled in some shape or form to maintain a “perfect” image… not to mention the SOS signal that plays towards the end…

this leads into more of her lore outside of just being a popstar so SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t finished the latest quest! but yeah not only does she feel “trapped” by her idol status, but also that she has literally been trapped by her brother within the dreamscape he controls unbeknownst to herself or anyone else for a long time… but bc she has such a strong will and genuine desire to help others via spreading The Harmony (basically the religion/philosophy she follows), she was able to wake herself up from that dream and try to seek outside help to free the rest of Penacony— which i personally believe is what that SOS signal at the end represents: the moment she woke up and realized she needed help

23 days ago

Sure he mentions it, but just in case he doesn’t notice, the music of the trailer is her actual own released song.

23 days ago

Robin has three songs you can hear in-game! That's her singing in the trailer too. (Voiced by Chevy). There's also "Hope is the thing with feathers" and "If I can keep one heart from breaking," which has a lot of bird-in-a-cage imagery as well.
"Birds are born with no shackles, then what fetters my fate? Blown away the white petals, leave me trapped in the cage. The endless isolation can't wear down my illusion, sometime I'll make a dream unchained." It's related to her past and her relationship with her brother, who wants to keep her safe at the cost of her freedom. The dream imagery is because she's from a world where people can share a dream, but it covers up a lot of bad things and corruption.

23 days ago

Oh, I hadn't thought of it, but the comparison to Satoshi Kon is very apt.

23 days ago

There were 2 questions during the story.
Why do people slumber? And why do birds fly?
That by the end we sorta got an answer but I feel it’s up to every individual person to have their own interpretation of what it means

23 days ago

the one that says "traveller here to assist" is an outline of aether from genshin impact whos one of the options for sibling of choice at the start of the game. its like an easter egg basically.

23 days ago


23 days ago

Mister Philip, would you be interested in watching abilities in action after reacting to character content? For me, the "cosmic" word in her title name indicates exactly that: she's otherworldly, heavenly, angel-like etc. I'd even say that word is more shown in her gameplay than here! When she uses her ult she kind of descends from heaven on stairs and she's untouchable during it (not literally, but cannot be interrupted in what she does) gameplay-wise. She also has wings when casting her abilities, which is a very cool detail.

23 days ago

Robin is an intergalactic superstar singer in universe.

The bird in a cage analogy is actually two fold with her character. Yes she's perpetually hounded by the press (in fact she canonical disguises herself regularly to just get away from it) but she's also very much trapped by her brother.

Her brother is a bit of a control freak that wants to protect her at all costs not entirely realizing she's a grown adult that is very much aware of her choices and any risks involved with them (including going to the front lines of wars to perform which she actually took a bullet to her neck while doing it).

She's one of the most sincere characters in the game but thankfully she's not naive (outside of a couple blind spots).

23 days ago

As an ultrawide monitor user, I appreciate all HSR trailers are being shot in 21:9.

23 days ago

BRO!!! Just vibe🕺🕺🕺🗣️🔥

23 days ago

3:58 got me laughing out loud, I absolutely love your Hoyoverse trailers break down, you give me really valuable insights and I learn a lot each time, I love how your analysis are always spot on even tho you don't know the story. I really like the details you open my eyes to. Keep up the good work, much love to your person Philip <3

23 days ago

Sparkle and robin don't really have anything to do with eachother. Tho sparkle can make herself look like others and she made herself look like robin in the story, but that's like all they really have to do with eachother.

23 days ago

Supposedly if you filter out the music, there's an SOS signal hidden in part of this song.

23 days ago

Another Philip video, we won 😮‍💨🖤