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Honkai Star Rail Big Ticker Dream Ticker puzzle solution

Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 is finally here, and the final set of Penacony quests has arrived alongside it. One Trailblaze Mission that you’ll encounter in this patch is Seabiscuit, which requires you to fix the Big Ticker with a tricky Dream Ticker puzzle.

These puzzles range from simple to frustrating, and the Big Ticker puzzle in particular is closer to the frustrating side. If you’re stuck on the Big Ticker puzzle in Honkai Star Rail, here’s what you need to do.

How to Solve the Big Ticker Puzzle in Honkai Star Rail

To get started, move the yellow T piece forward so Clockie can reach the nearby gear. That’s the easy part. Now you need to get Clockie all the way to the other side of the screen, which is a huge headache.

First, keep the yellow T piece where it is. Flip the long blue piece up so you can rotate the orange L piece and point it toward the gear. Then, flip the blue piece back down parallel to the L piece. Finally, move the mirror to use the remaining yellow T piece to complete the bridge so Clockie can get across.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After some shuffling, you’ll need to get Clockie back to the starting side of the screen to get the final gear.

Slide the closest yellow T piece to the right to bridge the gap between the nearby blocks. Then, use the long blue piece to continue the bridge in a straight line. To complete the bridge and get Clockie to the gear, use the remaining yellow T piece on the other side of the screen. It may take some fiddling with the mirror to make it work, but you’re really just trying to make a straight bridge here.

Honkai Star Rail Big Ticker 1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With that out of the way, you can wrap up the Seabiscuit quest and continue with the rest of the Trailblaze Missions in Penacony. Be warned, though. There’s a tough boss battle with Argenti waiting for you just after the Big Ticker puzzle, so bring your best Fire, Ice, and Physical units to take him down with ease. The newly released Robin is a great choice for this fight.

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