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Horror Dev Bloober Team Says It’s Working On A New Project For Nintendo Platforms

Image: Bloober Team

Polish horror game developer Bloober Team, known for series like Layers of Fear, The Medium and the upcoming release Silent Hill 2, has announced it’s working on a new project for Nintendo platforms.

In an interview earlier this week, Bloober referenced a title called ‘Project M‘ which has a budget “significantly smaller” than its usual projects and is being developed “in cooperation with the world’s best game creators for Nintendo platforms”. Here’s a translation (via ResetEra)

“Project M, although its budget is significantly smaller than the games we are working on at Bloober Team, is extremely important due to our long-term plans. In addition, we are working on it in cooperation with the world’s best game creators for Nintendo platforms, so we cannot afford to create just a decent game,” Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno told PAP Biznes.

This all times in with Nintendo’s disturbing new reveal of a new horror game called ‘Emio, which warns viewers in the initial teaser trailer of potentially disturbing scenes. Keep in mind, Bloober hasn’t confirmed what exactly ‘Project M’ is at this stage, but there’s already been speculation the two announcements could be linked.

However, one other part of the interview has also been highlighted on social media noting how this new Bloober project will appear under its Broken Mirror Games brand (thanks, LuigiBlood):

“The first announcements of Project M will appear later this year, and the title itself will open our second-party portfolio under the Broken Mirror Games brand”

Of course, there’s been no official confirmation these two announcements are linked. So when we learn more, we’ll let you know. Notably, Bloober’s statement also references “Nintendo platforms” in general, so there’s a chance its project could be targeting Nintendo’s Switch “successor” which is scheduled to be announced this fiscal year.

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