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How craft weapons with silver ingots in Dark and Darker

Silver Ingots in Dark and Darker will help you become stronger with better weapons. But you must craft them. Keep this guide close by if you want how to craft weapons with Silver Ingots in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker: How to craft weapons with Silver Ingots

Crafting in general in the game isn’t as straightforward, there’s a bunch of hoops you must go through. So before you enter into the harsh world of the roguelike with your favorite class, knowing this feature is crucial. To craft Silver Ingots, you need to level up a merchant that’s able to do this for you. So that means, the Weaponsmith is your guy. To level him up, do the quest for the NPC.

Since Silver Ingot is a high-quality resource, so you have to level up the merchant to the point where you can craft using the ingot. This will allow you to create purple, blue, and gold weapons. Doing these quests is important because pairing your movements with high-end gear can make Dark and Darker a whole lot easier. 


Note, that this might be a slow process because the amount of quests seems to be limited per week. However, there seems to be enough to last for a while to do them sparingly. 

How to get Silver Ingots

I’ve found that crafting via Silver Coins yields a good amount of Silver Ingots. The good thing is that these coins are the main currency of Dark and Darker, so earning them comes with ease. On the other hand, you do need Silver Coins for almost everything else, so be careful with how you spend the coins you’ve accumulated. 

Dark And Darker Characeter Fighting Demons1

These Silver Coins tend to take up space and count towards your inventory. So if you happen to have a large amount of coins unused, you can either put them in storage or convert them into Silver Ingot.

Before you can get Silver Ingots, you might be stuck at the start with the failed to connect to the server error in Dark and Darker

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