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How Many NPCs Are In Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town is far from a bustling city, but you can still find several NPCs populating the little town. On top of that, there are many NPCs found in other locations as well, such as the desert or Ginger Island. Just how many NPCs exist in the game though?




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Here, we are going to take a look at this. We are going to cover every NPC that you can form a relationship with, as well as other NPCs in the game that have smaller roles. This includes characters such as Marlon in the Adventurer’s Guild and Birdie on Ginger Island.

How Many NPCs Can You Be Friends With?

stardew valley player and abigail

In total, there are 12 marriage candidates for you to cozy up with, but there are far more than that available for friendship. Below, you can check out all NPCs that you can befriend in Stardew Valley.

In total, this makes 34 NPCs that you can form relationships with.

NPCs That You Can’t Gift/Be Friends With

Stardew Valley Player Standing Beside Birdie On The Western Ginger Island Beach

In addition to these NPCs above, there are several that you can interact with without forming a friendship. You can find these listed below, as well as their main location.

In total, this makes 12 NPCs that you can’t befriend.

Other NPCs In Stardew Valley

close up of player speaking to island trader on ginger island

There are other NPCs present in the game, but where are they? For the sake of this, we aren’t going to include NPCs that serve no purpose besides making an area feel more alive. For example, during the Trout Derby, there are several fishermen that fish during the event.

These people don’t live in the valley, but you can’t interact with them in a meaningful way. This also includes patrons of the Casino in the desert. With this in mind, you can find all miscellaneous NPCs in Stardew Valley below.

This is 14 more NPCs to add to the total.

Total Number Of NPCs In Stardew Valley

A wedding takes place in Stardew Valley

What’s the grand total of NPCs in Stardew Valley? According to our count, there are 60 unique NPCs in Stardew Valley. Remember, this does not include NPCs such as background characters during events.


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