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How many Tartarus floors are in Persona 3 Reload? All blocks listed

Instead of multiple dungeons, Persona 3 Reload features one long mega dungeon called Tartarus. Climbing the floors of this seemingly never-ending tower is a core part of the game, but just how high does Tartarus go?

As you explore Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll encounter new blocks with wildly different visual styles and all-new enemies to fight. Your progress will also occasionally be blocked by barriers that won’t open up until later in the story, so you won’t truly know where Tartarus ends until the end of the game.

How Long is Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload?

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Still, it’s good to have a general idea of how many floors there are in Tartarus so you can plan your schedule and know how long you’ll need to grind in between the classes and Social Link hangouts. There are 264 floors in Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload. You’ll clear all 264 floors by the end of the game, and it’s a good idea to knock out roughly 30 floors per month to stay up to date.

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Tartarus is divided into blocks with barriers between them, and you’ll gain access to new blocks as the story progresses. Here’s a list of every Tartarus block and their floors.

  • Thebel: 2-22
  • Arqa: 23-69
  • Yabbashah: 70-118
  • Tziah: 119-172
  • Harabah: 173-226
  • Adamah: 227-264

Again, you’ll make your way through all 264 floors by the end of the game. Make sure you’re regularly visiting Tartarus and clearing as many floors as you can, otherwise you’ll be forced into a lengthy grind in the later parts of the game. Not only is Tartarus the best way to gain XP for your party and prepare them for full moon encounters, but it’s also where you can find missing people and items for Elizabeth that will get you rare rewards.

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