How Much Is A Mega Drive Worth Today?

Have you found yourself asking how much is a Mega Drive worth today? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place!

Sega might have messed things up a little console-wise since the introduction of the Mega Drive all those years ago, but the hype around this legendary system lives on. It endured longer than Sauron’s malice and even through the age of next-gen consoles.

That’s the power of retro gaming, folks!

Still, in an age where the word teraflop refers to a console’s speed instead of a poorly executed dive, how much does a lowly 16-bit console retail for?

Fear not, inquisitive reader; all the answers you seek are right here!

(Please note: All of our market research and data is taken from eBay, as this is the most common way to sell a Mega Drive console. Information is accurate as of July 2021, and we will update this article on a monthly basis to keep you updated and to reflect on the fluctuation of prices. All prices are based in USD.)

How Much Is A Mega Drive Worth?

A used Mega Drive is worth between $105 – $198 depending on overall console condition and whether it comes bundled with any games or peripherals.

The original Mega Drive remains an iconic console from Sega’s golden years. Recently revitalised by the Sega Mega Drive Mini classic console, this retro look defined a gaming era.

I don’t know whether it’s the old-school knobs on the top or the raised game cart slot that make it look so retro (it’s probably both), but I can’t get enough of this epic machine.

Like any popular classic console, a lot of the units gamers come across on second-hand sites are used. And, as the original Mega Drive released in 1988, that used condition can vary dramatically.

Used consoles that are boxed tend to sell for more, especially if they come with games and extra controllers.

When it comes to buying a refurbished console, prices vary in a similar fashion. A console on its own can sell for $27.00, where as a boxed system could bring up to $248.

New consoles are hard to find, though that’s to be expected for a console that’s 33-years-old at the time of writing! Sealed systems sell for upwards of $499, with Sonic boxed editions selling for $599+.

Used: $41.00 – $198.00

Refurbished: $27.00 – $248.00

Sealed: $499.00+

How Much Is A Mega Drive II Worth

A used Mega Drive II is worth between $28 – $180 depending on console condition and bundle size.

Despite the original Mega Drive’s iconic look, this is the console I think of whenever I think of Sega’s super-sonic system…

…yes, that was a terrible way of introducing Sonic into this section…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first title I ever played on he Mega Drive II. Since then, I’ve collected many of the best Sega Mega Drive games for the system, all of which I’m hoping will bring a pretty penny one day!

With a sleeker look and more ‘futuristic’ power buttons, the Mega Drive 2 propelled Sega into the history books. As it proved so popular, used consoles sell for pretty cheap, though as always, boxed copies are worth substantially more.

Seller refurbished units tend to go for anywhere between $95 – $251, again depending on overall condition and bundle size.

Here’s where things get expensive!

Not many people thought to keep such an epic console under wraps. That’s why a sealed Mega Drive II costs upwards of $770!

If you’re looking for slice of gaming history and have money to burn, then it would be more than worth it!

Used: $28.00 – $180.00

Refurbished: $95.00 – $251.00

Sealed: $774.00+

How Much Is A Mega Drive Mini Worth?

A used Mega Drive Mini is worth anywhere between $70 – $107 depending on whether the console comes boxed and its overall condition.

Thanks to the Mega Drive Mini, Sega’s classic console has seen a resurgence with younger gamers.

Fantastic titles like ToeJam & Earl and Earthworm Jim now appeal to a whole new audience, and Sega has promised more mini consoles on the horizon thanks to its success.

Yes, the words ‘Dreamcast Mini‘ were used recently…

The Mega Drive Mini is still relatively new, so there aren’t many refurbished consoles out there. Still, a used unit costs around $70, and a new console sells for around &90.

Used: $70.00 – $107.00

Sealed: $90.00+

Finito! Thanks for checking out this article on ‘how much is a Mega Drive worth today’.

Hopefully, you’re feeling nostalgic and excited about earning some extra money and not depressed by how old you are after finding out the Mega Drive is 33-years-old!

Remember, always check seller/buyer feedback before selling/making a purchase online. Don’t forget to check that consoles will work in your gaming region too!

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We hope you feel enlightened by this important information, and maybe you can make a bit of extra cash by selling off some old gear!

As always, check buyer/seller feedback before making sales/purchases, and always sell through reputable channels.

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