How Much Is A Nintendo DS Worth Today?

The Nintendo DS is the world’s most popular handheld, and with a wide number of variants, types and editions, it’s tricky to know how much a Nintendo DS is actually worth.

If you have one in your basement, or your attic or you’ve left it around your family members house, we suggest obtaining it again, because some of these consoles go for a pretty penny!

The original Nintendo DS was released in November of 2004, while the final Nintendo DS called the Nintendo 2DS XL was released in 2017. That’s a long line of consoles. We’re here to tell you exactly how much a Nintendo DS is worth, depending on what console you actually have.

This list goes in order of the oldest Nintendo DS first, so this should help you scroll to the Nintendo DS you have.

(Please note: All of our market research and data is taken from eBay, as this is the most common way to sell a Nintendo DS. Information is accurate as of December 2020, and we will update this article on a monthly basis to keep you updated and to reflect on the fluctuation of prices. All prices are based in USD.)

How Much Is A Nintendo DS Worth?

A used Nintendo DS can be bought for anywhere between $14 and $255.

The original granddaddy of the bunch looks just as iconic today as it did back in 2004. I still remember the first time I opened up the box and saw the two screens. It felt like Christmas… well, it was, actually.

I used my DS so much that the touchscreen actually started to peel away and the microphone broke from blowing into it too much. If you’re going to buy a second hand DS, then make sure you check that everything works and looks as it should; they are over 16 years old now, after all!

A refurbished Nintendo DS costs $17 – $114, depending on whether the console has had extra modifications added and if it comes with any extra games.

It’s virtually impossibly to find a new boxed DS for sale anywhere; try looking for auctions or listings with an ‘open box’ tag line instead.

Used: $14 – $255

Refurbished: $17 – $114

How much is a Nintendo DS lite worth

How Much Is A Nintendo DS Lite Worth?

A used Nintendo DS Lite is worth $12 to $498 depending on condition and whether the console comes complete with a box.

The second console in the Nintendo DS Family and the one that makes up the bulk of the 154.02-million sales is the DS Lite, the thinner, streamlined version of the original DS.

This Dual-Screen marvel marked a design change that pretty much solidified how future DS products would look, bar the weird and wonderful Nintendo 2DS, of course.

The DS Lite still has the ability to play the best Game Boy Advance games, giving retro gaming fans more play for their buck. With 19 hours of game time vs the 10 hours available with the original DS, it’s much better for gaming on the go too.

I have no idea why a used console sells for more than a sealed console; maybe it’s the blood, sweat, and tears that gamers pour into their handheld while playing the best Nintendo DS games?

Either way, a used console could set you back as much as $498, while sealed handhelds sell for upwards of $250.

Refurbished consoles tend to go anywhere from $12 to $178 dollars. Remember to always check the listing to see who has refurbished the handheld and if it comes with a warranty.

Used: $12 – $498

Refurbished: $12 – $178

Sealed: $250+

What Is The Difference Between The Nintendo DS And The Nintendo DSi?

The Nintendo DSi has a bigger screen than the DS and the DS Lite. The DSi boasts a 3.25″ display, whereas the Lite and the DS use 3″ displays. The DSi XL has a much bigger screen with a 4.2″ display.

One thing that might interest readers is that the DSi also has two cameras; a selfie camera and a forward-facing camera, just like a mobile phone. It has a fairly similar battery life to the DS Lite, 17 hours vs 19, and both have adjustable brightness settings.

The main setback is that the DSi cannot play GBA games, so stick with the original DS or the DS Lite for backwards compatibility. Also, the DSi and DSi XL came with a web browser, but the DSi shop is no longer running.

How much is a Nintendo DSi worth

How Much Is A Nintendo DSi Worth?

A used Nintendo DSi costs between $15 and $155.

With its two cameras and larger screen, the DSi proved to be a great success. It’s a shame that it was also the console that sacked off backwards compatibility with the GBA, but I guess it’s good to change with the times!

Used consoles can sell for as little as $15, though some sealed handhelds can still make mega money! We recently saw a sealed Nintendo DSi Pokemon Black Edition Reshiram & Zekrom Console + Pokemon Black that sold for $925.

Limited Edition consoles always sell for more, though readers may be able to find a sealed console for as little as $259.

Refurbished units sell for a price similar to used units, with prices sitting anywhere between $32 and $103.

Used: $15 – $155

Refurbished: $32 – $103

Sealed: $259+

How Much Is A Nintendo DSi XL Worth?

A used Nintendo DSi XL is worth $20 to $300 depending on condition and/or if it ships with a box.

Bigger screen, bigger price; It stands to reason! If you have a Red Mario 25th Aniversary DSi XL with Mario Kart at home in mint condition, then it sells for around $550.

Still, some readers might be content with a used console rather than spending a whole month’s rent on consoles and games. A used console costs anywhere between $20 and $300 depending on condition and whether the console is part of a limited run.

Anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful console might want to consider a refurbished DSi XL, costing anywhere between $40 and $66.

As aforementioned, sealed DSi XL handhelds do go for a pretty penny. Expect to pay (or earn) upwards of $400!

Used: $20 – £300

Refurbished: $40 – $66

Sealed: $400+

How Much Is A Nintendo 3DS Worth?

Used Nintendo 3DS consoles are worth $26 to $1200 depending on bundle size and whether they ship with peripherals.

We officially said goodbye to the Nintendo 3DS this year, adding another sore point to a miserable 2020. Still, this means that everyone’s eye-wateringly brilliant console has become a sought after item.

As with the DS Lite, used Nintendo 3DS consoles tend to go for more than the sealed ones! This is all down to whether the console is a Limited Edition handheld or part of a special game bundle release.

Expect to pay anywhere between $26 and $1200 for a used console, though refurbished handhelds peak at around $177.

Sealed copies sell for upwards of $205, which isn’t at all bad considering you get that ‘new console’ smell too!

Used: $26 – $1200

Refurbished: $51 – $177

Sealed: $205+

How Much Is a Nintendo 3DS XL?

Used Nintendo 3DS XL consoles are worth $52 to $398, depending on colour, condition, and whether they ship with the original box.

While used 3DS XL handhelds sell for up to $398, a sealed Link Between Worlds Limited Edition handheld can go for upwards of $800!

I opted for the 3DS XL because I wanted the bigger display; theres’ no better way to play Ocarina of Time!

Certain colours cost more than others, and Pink is more popular than some of you might think!

Refurbished consoles can cost anywhere up to $227, while sealed copies don’t sell for much more. Prices start at around $270 and rocket if the console is part of a game bundle.

Used: $52 – $398

Refurbished: $78 – $227

Sealed: $270+

How much is a Nintendo 2DS Worth

How Much Is A Nintendo 2DS Worth?

A used Nintendo 2DS is worth anywhere between $29 and $608.

I never really got on with the Nintendo 2DS; it looks like a door wedge and feels too big in your hand. Still, plenty of people did like it, and some used copies sell for more than their sealed counterparts.

The most expensive variant is the Pokemon Yellow Limited Edition console, which often sells for upwards of $600 when sold with a box and original instructions.

Refurbished consoles sell for anywhere between $53 and $180, while Ocarina of Time themed unopened consoles sell for upwards of $200.

Used: $29 – $608

Refurbished: $53 – $180

Sealed: $200+

How Much Is A Nintendo 2DS XL Worth?

The Nintendo 2DS XL is worth between $66 and $569 in a used condition.

Finally, we reach the Nintendo 2DS, the better-looking version of the 2DS family. Resorting back to the tried and tested clamshell approach, the 2DS is the perfect option for anyone who gets a massive headache while trying to play using the 3D mode on the 3DS.

Used consoles can sell for as much as $569, which is almost what some of the top-end sealed editions sell for. Limited Edition handhelds really grow in value!

Expect to pay anywhere between $72 and $349 for a refurbished Nintendo 2DS console, with bog-standard sealed consoles selling for upwards of $119.

Used: $66 – $569

Refurbished: $72 – $349

Sealed: $119+

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