How Much Is A PS1 Worth Today?

We’ve heard you asking yourself ‘how much is a PS1 worth’ over and over again this past few weeks. How do we know? We know everything there is to know about retro gaming, including which consoles you’re itching to buy and sell!

The PS1 is a gaming institution. Throwing discs into the mainstream in a world of cartridge-based consoles, the PlayStation gave birth to some of the world’s most loved gaming characters.

Solid Snake, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Lara Croft; they all started out on the PS1, along with many of the other best PS1 games that moulded our childhoods.

With PS5 consoles continually disappearing from under our noses, there’s no better to time to go back to revisit Sony’s first ever home console.

Still, how much is a PS1 worth today, and how would you go about buying one?

Fear not, intrepid gamer, for we have all of the answers you need right here!

(Please note: All of our market research and data is taken from eBay, as this is the most common way to sell a PS1 console. Information is accurate as of February 2021, and we will update this article on a monthly basis to keep you updated and to reflect on the fluctuation of prices. All prices are based in USD.)

How Much Is A PS1 Worth?

A used PS1 is worth between $36.00 – $720.00 depending on condition and if the console ships as part of a bundle.

The mighty PS1 remains one of the biggest behemoths of the gaming world. This console sold over 102 million units over its lifetime, which means that there are a lot of them out and about on the internet.

Like every iconic games console that defined a generation, many of the units are in a used condition. Their price depends on how good that condition is, and unfortunately, many boxes were torn apart in excitement back in the day when this bad boy dropped.

Consoles that ship with original accessories, manuals, and game bundles are undoubtedly worth more than consoles that ship with nothing. Bear that in mind if you have any old PS1 gear up in the attic.

When it comes to selling a refurbished console, the cost can really vary. Consoles on their own tend to sell for around $23, while bundles with games can go for anywhere up to $875.

New and sealed PS1 consoles are hard to come by. In Japan, they tend to cost around $375 dollars (US), but the cost rockets to around $899 in the United States.

Bear in mind regions and game compatibility when making a purchase.

Used: $36 – $720

Refurbished: $23 – $875

Sealed: $375+ (JP) $899+ (USA)

How much is a PS1 worth - smaller PSOne streamlined console image

How Much Is A PS One Worth?

A used PSOne can sell for anywhere between $18 -280 depending on condition and bundle size.

The PSOne, sometimes referred to as the PS1 Slim, is a streamlined version of the original PS1 console. With the same number of ports and memory card slots, it’s a more appealing version for those that have less space.

The PSOne was also easier to carry to friend’s houses too, making it a good choice for chucking in a backpack along with a MultiTap.

While prices for a used PSOne start at around $18, refurbished consoles can go for anything between $14 and $70. Remember to check to see whether ‘refurbished’ means chipped, or whether it simple means ‘refurbished to a working standard’.

New PSOne consoles sell for around the same price as the Japanese PS1 units in all regions. Prices start at around $399 in most cases, with costs rocketing if games come bundled in too.

Used: $18 – $280

Refurbished: $14 – $70

Sealed: $399.00+

How Much Is A PS1 Controller Worth?

A used PS1 controller is worth anything between $12 – $35 depending on levels of wear, tear, and compatibility.

Like the NES controller, the original PS1 controller holds an instantly recognisable shape. It’s a shame that most gamers prefer the DualShock variant as there’s a sense of style to this remote. I won’t go as far as to say that it’s a work of art, but it’s a pretty slick looking peripheral!

Refurbished controllers are by far the cheapest option, other than buying a third-party accessory. Prices begin at around $6 and go up to around $30.

Sealed controllers tend to go for upwards of $60 with price variations occurring due to colour, style, package condition, and rarity.

A rare all-white unopened PS1 remote recently sold for $157!

Used: $12 – $35

Refurbished: $6 – $30

Sealed: $60+

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out this article on ‘how much is a PS1 worth today’. We hope you feel enlightened by this important information, and maybe you can make a bit of extra cash by selling off some old gear!

As always, check buyer/seller feedback before making sales/purchases, and always sell through reputable channels.

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