How Much Is A PSP Worth Today?

The PSP has certainly proven its worth against both the Nintendo 3DS and the Game Boy Advance over the years, but just how much is a PSP worth today?

With around 82 million sales under its belt, the PSP is one heck of a handheld console. It’s still played by millions of die-hard Sony gamers today, and rumours of a new PSP 5G handheld have brought fans streaming back to the original device.

We’ve always got a PSP on the go here at Retro Dodo towers; it’s how we managed to compile our lists of the best PSP games and the best PSP RPGs ever made!

But just how much is a PSP worth these days anyway? How much does a person have to pay to get hold of a new, unopened horizontal handheld, and where can they get one?

Find out below!

(Please note: All of our market research and data is taken from eBay, as this is the most common way to sell a PSP console. Information is accurate as of December 2020, and we will update this article on a monthly basis to keep you updated and to reflect on the fluctuation of prices. All prices are based in USD.)

How Much Is A PSP Worth?

A PSP 1000 console can sell for anything between $28 and $168, depending on condition and/or if it comes with any games.

You might find it hard to believe, but the PSP is 16 years old now. Some of you might have children that are that old, or even older!

Of course, with every retro games console, the question of how much is a PSP worth will also depend on factors such as whether the previous owner kept the original box and instruction manual.

There there are refurbished consoles to consider too. A refurbished 1st generation PSP costs between $65 – $139. Some of these refurbished consoles have had extra features added to bring them in line with our best retro handhelds, often allowing them to play more than just PSP games.

Sealed, unopened PSPs still go for a lot of money. For $499+, you can purchase a slice of gaming nostalgia. That’s more expensive than two Nintendo Switch Lite consoles with extra peripherals!

Used: $28 – $168

Refurbished: $65 – $139

Sealed: $499+

How much is a PSP Slim worth

How Much Is A PSP Slim Worth?

Used PSP Slim consoles tend to sell for between $50 – $140.

The PSP Slim, sometimes known as the PSP 2000 or its successor the PSP 3000, was a streamlined version of the original console. With multiple colour options and a thinner profile, it proved to be a popular choice with gamers around the globe.

As with the PSP 1000, refurbished units, sometimes with added upgrades, sell for around $80. If gamers wish to purchase an original, unaltered console, then check the listing information carefully to avoid disappointment.

A sealed PSP Slim still sells for around $470, almost twice the price of what it cost when it first came out.

Talk about being a great investment!

Used: $50 – $140

Refurbished: $80 – $90

Sealed: $470+

How much is a PSP Go worth

How Much Is A PSP Go Worth?

A uses PSP Go sells for anything between $68 – $480 depending on bundle type. These handhelds are worth much more if bundled together with the original box, manual, and cables.

While the PSP Go may resemble an early slide-up phone, it remains a cool portable console for those who like to game on the go.

With a much smaller profile and buttons hidden neatly behind a sliding screen, the PSP Go fits in any trouser or shirt pocket with zero fuss. And at $68 for a console in good condition, gamers really can’t go wrong!

Refurbished PSP Go units don’t cost anywhere near as much as the real unaltered article, with prices sitting between $85 – $160.

As with the other consoles in this list, prices soar if players fancy a new, unopened console. Still, the cost of a boxed used handheld and an unused one isn’t that much different.

Used: $68 – $480

Refurbished: $85 – $160

Sealed: $375+

How Much Is A PSP Street Worth?

A used PSP Street costs anything between $27 to $175. It’s rare to find brand new Street handhelds on auction sites. Many simply have the description ‘used’ or ‘in good condition’.

This is actually my favourite of all the PSP models as it shares a charcoal black colour scheme just like the PS3.!

Used: $27 – $175

And that’s a wrap! Thank’s for checking out this article on how much is a PSP worth. Remember to always double check listings before purchasing a PSP and make sure that the seller is reputable. Sometimes buying cheap can lead to buying twice, so do some research before you hand over any cash.

Check out this article on how much is a PS2 worth for more second-hand Sony goodness!

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