How Much Is a Sega Nomad Worth Today?

Just how much is a Sega Nomad worth today? Has Sega’s handheld companion to the Genesis held its value, and is it worth venturing into the attic to find those old games?

I guess you better carry on reading to find out!

The Sega Nomad, more commonly referred to as the Genesis Nomad, is a handheld that dropped in North America back in 1995. Designed as a means of playing Genesis games on the go, this blocky console sold around 1-million units.

That might sound a lot, but as sales go it was a commercial failure.

And we all know what that means by now; it’s worth a whole heap of cash on second-hand sites!

Check out how much your Sega Nomad is worth below along with a nifty little extra that we uncovered along the way!

How Much Is A Sega Nomad Worth?

A used Sega Nomad is worth between $200 – $509 depending on its condition. Prices also vary depending on whether the handheld comes boxed and includes games or original peripherals.

Yes, the Sega Nomad still fetches a pretty penny in 2021 and will do for many years to come. This is the fest example of a handheld playing games designed for consoles, beating the Nintendo Switch by a good 22 years.

It’s a shame that it wasn’t anywhere near successful as Nintendo’s hybrid hero, however.

The Sega Nomad launched with a price tag of $180. It’s more than kept its value over the years, with prices almost tripling for boxed consoles complete with original manual and games.

Refurbished consoles seem to be where most of the money is at, however. Consoles with updated screens, new casing, and updated components can fetch anywhere between $279 – $600.

There aren’t many new Nomad’s to be found on second-hand sites. The only one we found was new but not sealed and sold for $350. As I mentioned above, refurbished consoles seem to take the lion’s share of the Nomad resale market, offering a better gaming experience for players thanks to updated parts.

Used: $200 – $509

Refurbished: $279 – $600

New: $350+

How Much Is A Sega Mega Jet Worth?

A used Sega Mega Jet is worth around $450. New Consoles complete with an original box and manual sell for upwards of $649.

How many of you know what a Sega Mega Jet is?

This is basically a Sega Nomad without the screen, a portable Genesis console used on flights in Japan.

It needs a power source and a display to be able to work, so it’s not exactly portable. Still, passengers could either play one of four included games on flights or pack their own cartridges to play while in the air.

As the both the predecessor and the idea that sparked the Nomad, this is a nice little slice of gaming history if you have the money. That being said, it is pretty useless, so make sure you really want to purchase one before parting with your hard-earned-cash.

Used: $450+

New: $649+

And that’s it! Thank you so much for checking out this article on ‘how much is a Sega Nomad worth’. Hopefully you’ve discovered whether or not you should sell your classic handheld or fulfilled that urge to purchase one for your collection.

Remember to always check seller/buyer feedback when dealing over the internet, and always check region formatting to make sure that consoles and games will work in your area.

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