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How much time do you have in the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Answered

After completing the main story and receiving the true ending of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll get sent to the Unmoored World to complete a handful of more quests. Unfortunately, the Unmoored World has a time limit, requiring you to finish all objectives before the fog takes over the map.

So, how much time is left to complete the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2? This guide has the answer.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: How long is the time limit for Unmoored World?

When you first enter the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the first thing you’ll notice is red fog covering part of your map. Your job in the Unmoored World is to evacuate all the major cities and towns and complete each red beacon before the fog spreads. You have 12 in-game days to do this or else you will have to start from scratch.

This means that you must be careful how often you rest at inns or else you risk the possibility of running out of time. Each time you take a rest to either save your game or replenish your health, the red fog will spread further and get closer to taking over the map.

How to complete the Unmoored World in time

The good news is that completing the quests in the Unmoored World within the time limit isn’t too challenging, and I did it on my first try. After accepting the main quest, “Halls of the First Dawn,” it’s time to get to work and evacuate the cities and destroy the red beacons.

I have outlined my progression route through the Unmoored World below. Follow this order and I’m confident you will complete everything before the timer runs out.

  1. Destroy the red beacon in Bakbattahl.
  2. Evacuate Bakbattahl.
  3. Evacuate the Evacuation Site.
  4. Destroy the red beacon in Sacred Arbor.
  5. Evacuate Sacred Arbor.
  6. Destroy the red beacon in Vernworth.
  7. Evacuate Vernworth
  8. Destroy the red beacon in Volcanic Island Camp.
  9. Evacuate Volcanic Island Camp.
  10. Return to Gigantus.

After returning the Gigantus and watching a short cutscene, the final red beacon will appear on your map. You can either go ahead and interact with the final red beacon to complete the Unmoored World and beat the game, or you can hold off and spend time exploring.

Players have reported that after evacuating the cities and destroying all red beacons (besides the final one), the fog doesn’t progress anymore. This means you have all the time you want to farm the Unmoored World for materials, rare items, etc. While I haven’t tried this out myself, tons of players are stating it’s true on Reddit.

Once you interact with the final red beacon, you have successfully completed Dragon’s Dogma 2. That must feel pretty great; I know it did for me. Now its time to get ready for new game plus and do it all over again.

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