How to Add Friends in GTA 5 Online

As with any other game, one of the best ways to enjoy GTA 5 Online is by playing with friends. You can explore the map together, engage in fun activities like heists, and help each other out when things get tough. Here’s how to add friends in GTA 5 Online so you can start playing with them right away.

Adding Friends in GTA 5 Online

These are the steps to add your friends in GTA 5 Online:

Create a Rockstar Games Social Club Account

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In order to add friends in GTA 5 Online, you first need to create a Rockstar Games Social Club account. You can do this by going to their website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button. Go through the steps of creating an account, and then log in.

Validate Your Game Purchase

Once you’ve signed up, you should validate your purchase of GTA 5. To do this, you need to find the “Validate” tab and enter the 16-digit game key or code that should have come with your purchase. It can be found on your game’s packaging or in a confirmation email. You can also find this number in your Rockstar Social Club account under the “Activities” tab.

Find and Add Other Players

After everything, look for the Social tab on the game’s home page. Click on “Find Player” to search for other players to add as friends. If you know the Gamertag or Social Club name of the player you wish to add, you can enter it directly to search for them.

Once you find the player, click on their profile image and then “Add Friend.” The next time that player logs into GTA 5 Online, they will get a notification that someone has requested to be their friend, and they can choose to accept or decline your request.

Accepting GTA 5 Online Friend Requests

Your friends may also send you a friend request once you’ve added them as a contact. To accept these requests, go to the Social tab and look for the “Friend Requests” menu. You should be able to see a list of the players who have recently sent you friend requests.

If you want to add them, simply select their name and hit “Accept.” Of course, you have the choice to decline the request as well, especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea of adding strangers to your Friends list.

Play GTA 5 With Friends

Image via Rockstar Games

There are two ways to play GTA 5 with players on your Friends list:

  • By joining their game through an Invite.
  • By sending them a game Invite.

To join a friend’s game, open up your Friends list while in GTA 5 Online and select the player you want to play with. If they are currently playing, you’ll see a “Join” option appear next to their name. Select this option to join their game.

You can also send an Invite to a friend from this menu by selecting the “Invite” option. This will send them a game invite which they can accept or decline. Once you’re both in the same session, you can meet up at a specific location in-game and start playing together.

That’s basically everything you need to know if you’re wondering how to add friends in GTA 5 Online. For more tips and tricks, we’ve got a ton of guides for Rockstar’s open-world game right over here.

Featured image via Rockstar Games.

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