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How to beat Cataphract in Armored Core 6

I love an inventive boss battle. There are so many possibilities out there, and Armored Core 6 is a perfect example of that. The nature of customization in the game ensures that not only is everyone’s mech different, but so are all the bosses. Despite the fact that they usually have the same tools to use as you, some of them are really pretty impressive. Cataphract in Armored Core 6 is a beast, and one of the more interesting boss fights to beat. Its unique design gives it some serious strength but also a very glaring weakness.

How to beat Cataphract

So the secret lies in the build of the Armored Core you’re about to fight. It looks like a tank, smells like a tank, and it feels like a tank. It is heavily armored and kicks like a mule, but, like most tanks, it has a weak spot.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Armored Core build

Go for something with heavy stagger like the Songbirds, rocket launchers, plasma rifles, or shotguns. Try to get something with a direct hit rather than downwards, as the weak spot of Cataphracts Armored Core is on the front of the mech rather than the top. Anything other than the weak spot won’t have nearly as much stagger.

The Cataphract can do some pretty heavy damage but quite slow attacks that can be dodged. The Gatling guns are annoying, but nothing that cant be dashed away from. Try to keep a distance until it is time to strike. The secret of this battle is accuracy, so speed would be helpful. A Bipedal, high-speed, armored core is my recommendation vs. Cataphract.

Cataphract technique

Here is the secret. The Cataphract has this big huge Armored Core but has tiny little legs. Cataphract has been skipping leg day, and it shows. You need to get around to the front of Cataphact’s Armored Core and blast his kneecaps to oblivion. You will find that it has no armor there at all and quickly gains stagger and damage.

Don’t bother with attacking the sides, rear, or top of the Cataphract Armored Core; just shoot the front with everything you have when he charges you. This will almost instantly stagger and put him into the damage phase.

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