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How To Beat Mad Donkey

The Mad Donkey can be considered a mini-boss in Lies of P. He can’t be exactly found in his own arena at the end of the area like other bosses, but players will be able to fight him freely on the Alchemist Bridge.



It appears that the Mad Donkey doesn’t seem to care about the Petrification Disease or about the rampaging Puppets. His only wish is to talk/fight with Geppetto to ask him the reason behind the Puppet Frenzy in Lies of P and why his friends died in vain.

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How To Beat Mad Donkey In Lies Of P

Strangely enough, the Mad Donkey is one of the easiest boss fights in Lies of P. That’s because players can actually cheese this boss instead of fighting him the normal way with dodging, Perfect Guard, and Heavy attacks. The Mad Donkey has some standard attacks that that players can memorize to dodge.

take advantage of the mad donkey attack in lies of p

The boss mainly has two moves that he uses repeatedly either on their own or in a combo attack, and they are swing attack and slam attack. With his Saw weapon, the mini-boss can either swing at players or slam the Saw down onto the ground. There are a couple of slash attacks so make sure to dodge or guard when he uses them.

Avoid the previously mentioned moves then attack him when he’s vulnerable to defeat the Mad Donkey.

How To Cheese The Mad Donkey In Lies Of P

Ironically enough, the Mad Donkey has a lot of openings where his back is completely vulnerable and players can perform a Critical Hit.

critical hit mad donkey in lies of p

So, to cheese the Mad Donkey, walk around and bait his slam attack then quickly circle to his back and perform the Critical hit.

how to beat mad donkey in lies of p

Once he’s on the floor trying to get up, land a few hits for extra damage then back away quickly.

mad donkey rewards in lies of p

Repeat the process until the boss is defeated and Pinocchio can reunite with Geppetto and get the Krat City Hall Key in Lies of P. Once the cutscene and the conversation are over, players will receive the following rewards:

  • Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel
  • Mad Donkey’s Mask
  • Enigma Assembly Tool

How To Reach The Mad Donkey In Lies Of P

weeping woman location in lies of p

The Mad Donkey can be found on the Alchemist Bridge right before Krat City Hall in Lies of P. To reach it, head to Inside the House of Elysion Boulevard Stargazer and get out of the door. Turn right and fight a couple of enemies to climb a rooftop. Go left around the small building a cross to the other side where there’s a Petrification Zone.

mad donkey location in lies of p

Head down the ladder to deal with the Guard Puppet and go out through the only exit. Kill the nearby enemies, then sprint right to find a closed gate in Lies of P. Open it to reach the Alchemist Bridge where the Mad Donkey is knocking on Geppetto’s carriage, demanding answers.

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September 19, 2023

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