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How to build Dante in Warframe

Dante is a deadly Warframe and part of the Dante Unbound update. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the community so excited about a new Warframe, and it’s not hard to see why. Let me show you how to build Dante in Warframe – best abilities and Mods.

How to get Dante in Warframe

There are several ways to get Dante, but most Tenno will run the Disruption mission at the Armatus node on Deimos. Dante’s parts are all obtainable from the Round 4 loot pool, albeit with a low drop rate.

You can also buy Dante outright from the Market for 350 Platinum or as part of the Dante Chronicles Bundle. To access the Armatus node, you must first complete the Whispers in the Wall main quest.

How to play Dante in Warframe

Those numbers are enemies dying all over the map! – Screenshot: PC Invasion

It will take theory crafters a while to figure out a ‘meta’ playstyle for Dante, but he already works as a fantastic Nuker. We’ll update this guide if any ‘broken’ interactions are found, but this is a solid ability loop. Start by casting Dark Verse twice, which inflicts Slash damage. 

Dante’s Final Verse ability changes depending on what abilities were used before. If you cast Dark Verse twice, Final Verse becomes Tragedy and deals a ton of burst damage. You can spam this rotation to clear rooms, but you also have a survivability tool to keep you safe. 

Light Verse grants you and your allies Overguard and can be used as often as you like. This buff makes you immune to most status effects and Knockdowns. You also gain significant additional hit points on top of your health and shields. With Overguard, you can quickly amass thousands of defense points, making Dante surprisingly tanky.

Dante’s Noctua feels weaker than the rest of his kit. Unless I’m missing something, I’ll likely switch this out for another Warframe ability. Rhino’s Roar is always a solid choice, providing a potent damage buff for you and your team.

Best Mods for Dante in Warframe

Now you know the ability loop and playstyle, here’s a great selection of mods to compliment it:

How to build Dante in Warframe - best abilities and Mods
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Corrosive Projection
  • Umbral Intensify
  • Primed Flow
  • Stretch
  • Blind Rage
  • Fleeting Expertise
  • Primed Continuity
  • Streamline

I’ve chosen this selection because I want to increase the range of Dante’s Dark Verse and Final Verse. The extra strength from Umbral Intensify and Blind Rage is a huge bonus, as we’re playing Dante as a Nuker. Stretch increases our range, and Streamline, combined with Primed Flow, takes care of our Energy consumption. Fleeting Expertise improves our Efficiency for ability spamming, and Corrosive Projection debuffs armor values for our opponents.

Remember that you don’t need Primed or Umbral versions of the Mods above if you don’t have them. The standard versions will be fine for most content, and if you really like the build, you can invest in those upgraded Mods when you get them.

Another great thing about this build is the cost. This mod selection doesn’t require Forma, but if you want to invest, you could squeeze in an Equilibrium Mod for more energy. 

If you’re having trouble farming Dante’s parts, remember you can purchase them from Sanctum Anatomica on Deimos.

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