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How to change companion’s gear and weapons in Starfield

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Enemy encounters will not always be skippable or avoidable. Even the most persuasive of characters in Starfield will eventually have to shoot their way out of trouble. This will inevitably lead to frequent loading screens, aka death. However, any companion that is following you will fight at your side. Still, even the most skilled shooters will need some more powerful gear or even a better weapon. Well, let’s take care of that today. Read on to discover how to change your companion’s gear and weapons in Starfield.

Equip your companion with gear and weapons in Starfield

Starfield Companion Trade Gear

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The most probable thing is that you use your companion’s inventory to carry your gear and weapons during your adventures in Starfield. However, trading gear and weapons can also benefit your companion, especially if you need a bit of advantage in combat situations. To equip your companion with new gear or weapons, all you have to do is interact with your companion and select the Let’s trade gear” option. You will then need to open up your inventory to select what gear or weapons you would like your companion to wear or wield in the game.

Starfield Companion Equip Gear

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Once you have transferred your items, open up your companion’s inventory once again. You will see an option that reads “Equip”. This will equip your companion with that item. You will then see your companion wearing a brand-new suit. You can also see your companion wielding the weapon you just casually left in their inventory.

Make the best out of this ability and you will have a powerful ally. Be sure to continue looking at your companion’s inventory in Starfield in case they have a weapon or gear that might interest you. Otherwise, equip your companion with powerful gear and weapons and there will be nothing that can stop you. You might also want to pick the best companion to follow you in your adventures, so pick wisely!

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