How to Dodge in Harvestella

If you’re wondering how to dodge in Harvestella, you aren’t alone. Despite frequently finding yourself surrounded by giant monsters who wish you nothing but harm, the farm-RPG doesn’t give you any easy options for getting away. It does give you a job-specific option that lets you move around with a bit more ease.

How to Dodge in Harvestella

The short answer is that you can’t dodge in the traditional sense. If you need to avoid an attack or reposition quickly, you’ll have to hold the dash button – “ZL” on the Switch and “Shift” on PC – to put on an extra burst of speed and get out of harm’s way.

The problem is that dashing uses a significant chunk of stamina, which you need for essentially every other activity in the game except for walking. Use dashing as a combat ability only when you have little other option.

The other option is also not a proper dodge, at least in name. It’s Step, a skill you can unlock once you progress the Fighter’s skill board a bit. Step lets you sidestep in your chosen direction, so it’s not quite your usual dodge roll or skillful feint to one side.

However, Step is still a handy way to get an advantage and avoid being overwhelmed by groups of enemies. 

The downside is that it’s exclusive to the Fighter job. Later in the game, you can equip up to three jobs as hot keys, so to speak, and swap between them on the fly. It’s not the most convenient way to dodge, but if you find yourself attached to Step, consider keeping the Fighter job on hand so you can change class and use Step in a pinch.

That’s all you need to know about how to dodge in Harvestella, but stick around for more Harvestella guides in the coming days, along with our full review.

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