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How to farm Wyrmslife Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Wyrmslife Crystals aren’t just important items for a main quest, but they can be used to trade items and unlock equipment enhancements from The Dragonforged. But how can you easily farm Wyrmslife Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to farm Wyrmslife Crystals

Wyrmslife Crystals are rare materials that come from draconic creatures. But since these types of creatures don’t show up often in this game, how can you get this material? You can farm Wyrmslife Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by hiring a Forager Pawn and searching for the “Dragon Scale” material on your map.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Forager Pawns can detect materials and name them on your map. Since I have a Pawn with the Forager Specialization, I found spots with the Dragon Scale material. If there’s a Dragon Scale, there’s a Dragon. Sometimes it’s not always a Dragon, but a Drake or Lesser Dragon. To make things easier for you, I found as many spots as I could where Dragons and Drakes spawn on the map and marked them below. Here are the most notable locations for draconic creatures:

  • Ancient Battleground, Vermund
  • Forgotten Ruins, Battahl (near the Trickster Maister)
  • Dragonsbreath Tower, Battahl
  • How To Farm Wyrmslife Crystals In Dragons Dogma 2 Vermund
  • How To Farm Wyrmslife Crystals In Dragons Dogma 2 Battahl
  • How To Farm Wyrmslife Crystals In Dragons Dogma 2 Volcanic Island

As a reminder, I recommend your party to be at least around level 35 to take on any draconic creature. They’re difficult to fight and you need a good party composition before tackling them. Upon defeating a Drake or Dragon they’ll drop 10-15 Wyrmslife Crystals, alongside some Dragon Scales.

How To Beat A Drake In Dragons Dogma 2 Weak Chest
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Although this method is sufficient enough for finding Wyrmslife Crystals, there’s an additional way you can obtain even more WLC from these creatures. The Bump and Lift Thief Skill is a good way to obtain additional materials from enemies. This skill can rob foes of items as you attack them, making it easier for you to grab WLC off of Dragons. Pilfer is another Thief Skill that can rob enemies when they’re off-balance.

Dragons and Drakes will sometimes drop WLC near them as they get hurt, I’ve found WLC near a Drake even before the fight began. Using your newly-found WLC, you can now enhance your gear through The Dragonforged, as well as purchase items like Ferrystones and Portcrystals.

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