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How to finish packing Tess’s room in Open Roads

One of the very first Open Roads Achievements you can complete is “A Lot to Unpack”, which has you finish packing Tess’s room, but how can you make this happen? On my first playthrough, I managed to miss a few key items in the room.

Open Roads: How to finish packing Tess’s room

There are plenty of items in Tess’s room that you may accidentally miss since they’re more hidden than you’d think. If you want to 100% Open Roads and get all the Achievements, such as finding the photo of Opal as a roller-skating waitress, you’ll need to pack up every item you can think of. Here’s everything you need to pack in Tess’s room and where to find them.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

ItemLocationx3 Birthday cardOn the shelf behind her bed.Inside a dresser drawer.On the white shelf.GeodeOn the shelf behind her bed.Mr. BunnOn the shelf behind her bed.Hip Hipp-OUnderneath her bed on the right side.Pen from workOn the floor beside the bed.Po…

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