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How to fix failed to connect to the server error in Dark and Darker

Before you drop into the world of Dark and Darker, you may get hit with many issues. One may be how to fix failed to connect to the server error in Dark and Darker. If that is happening to you, this guide might help.

Dark and Darker: How to fix failed to connect to the server error

Since the roguelike just launched in the free-to-play model, there are going to be issues you’ll need to face before getting to know the classes. The failed to connect to the server error seems to be a major one that’s been plaguing many players since the launch of Dark and Darker. However, many have come up with solutions that I have tried, so you might have the same result. 

Let’s break down each way so you can get back into the game quickly.


Methods to fix the error

Reset your connection: More often than not, a simple reset might be the only fix you need. Since the game is trying to connect, your internet connection may be temporarily weak. Restarting it cleans everything out which may make the connection more stable. Note, that I also recommend using wired as opposed to wireless. You’ll have a consistent connection that way. However, while you’re doing, this check Dark and Darker’s social media page to see if they have any issues.

Check your antivirus program: This method will require you to look up how to whitelist programs on your computer. My antivirus programs often conflict with most game’s connections. Because of that, I either have a bad time playing, or I can’t play at all. By letting Dark and Darker go through the Firewall, the game works better. 

Dark And Darker Characters Looking At Campfire1

Reinstall Dark and Darker/Blacksmith: Sometimes the files may be corrupted, and a reinstall is needed. Before you do that, I suggest you uninstall Dark and Darker’s launcher Blacksmith first. The app itself could have an issue in not letting the game start. It’s also faster to install a launcher than it is for a full game. You should do this step after the other options have not worked. 

Wait for a hotfix: Sadly, since the game is still in its early days, you may have to wait till the developers work on something. Which might be sooner than later, because this error and the build version incorrect error seem to be big problems. 

If you manage to get into the game, knowing the movements of Dark and Darker can make you a better player.

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