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How to fix the nProtect Anti Cheat error in Helldivers 2

Screenshot: Arrowhead Games

With Helldivers 2 dropping in the wild, you can expect the game to be hit with many issues. Much of which is already solvable, like the “Failed to Join” error. However, what happens when your computer won’t let you play the game? That’s what is happening to some players.

The game’s anti-cheat software is making the game unplayable. Don’t worry, we might have a way to fix the nProtect Anti-Cheat error in Helldivers 2. This could save you time. 

Helldivers 2: How to fix the nProtect Anti Cheat error

This issue seems to be affecting a large number who are reporting the anti-cheat software in Helldivers 2 is being blocked by their anti-virus program. Luckily, you can fix this on your end, and it’s quite simple after trying the solution myself.

Follow the steps below to prevent nProtect from causing issues.

  • Look for the Helldivers 2 game folder within File Explorer.
  • There should be a folder named GameGuard. When you locate the folder, delete it.
  • Open up Helldivers from the File Explorer. When you do, a new GameGuard folder should pop up.
  • Depending on what anti-virus program you have, whitelist the GameGuard by making it an allowed app. 

Since I use Windows’ native anti-virus program, I just looked for the game itself and whitelisted it. This step is based on whatever program you’re using. Some may need the entire game file to be whitelisted while others would simply need GameGaurd to be on the list. 

Helldiver 2 Players Attacking A Stucture1
Screenshot: Arrowhead Games

Finally, no matter what you do, you must restart your computer. After that, Helldivers 2 should work. However, on the off chance the method above doesn’t solve anything, you may have to wait for a fix from Arrowhead Games directly. So, waiting it out might be your course of action. 

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Alternatively, you could completely disable your anti-virus program to make things easier. Of course, if you do that, you’re opening yourself up for unwanted attention. 

Even though Helldivers 2 is co-op and a multiplayer game, find out here if you can do couch co-op.  

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