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How to fuse Helel in Persona 3 Reload

The personas you fuse in Persona 3 Reload make a big difference on your survival rate in the endgame, with some of them serving as stepping stones to superior fusions. Along those lines, here is our guide telling you how to fuse Helel in Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload – how to fuse Helel

In the later portions of the game, you discover that you can create some truly powerful personas. Those personas, while useful themselves, may be ingredients in a still more advanced fusion. So it is with Helel, who brings along Salvation, my favorite healing spell in the game. And yet, you can use that persona to create the imposing Lucifer (there are a lot of angels near the game’s end). To fuse Helel, you must max out the Star Social Link, reach a sufficient level, and combine appropriate weaker personas.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Star Social Link requires you to see your way to the end of the Rival Athlete story. Mamoru Hayase is an athlete from another school who I met fairly late in the campaign. You can find him several afternoons each week at the Strip Mall. If you are running into a time crunch to complete his social link, by that point you may have access to the Dating Site Note. The item, available at Club Escapade, improves connections between meetings with your friends.

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Once you max out the Star Social Link, you may find a number of possible fuse combinations. I used Mother Harlot and Susano-O. Other options include Beelzebub and Ananta, or Asura and Arahabaki. Mostly, you’re going to need to become adept at fusing high-level personas to get ingredients that work.

Helel can be fused if your character is at level 88. If you haven’t yet reached that level, you can cheat using the Sun Major Arcana card. It lets you recruit personas five levels over your current level, once you activate it during a Tartarus run.

Helel comes with the power to absorb energy from Dark and Light attacks. This is useful ability near the end of the game. It can protect you from an immediate game over when such an attack would otherwise land. Physical attacks are also nothing to fear. I recommend that if you fuse Helel to create Lucifer, you then summon another iteration. Helel is worth keeping on your active team.

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